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Kitah Gimmel Skyped with Memphis, TN to celebrate Tu B’Shevat

Our third graders connected with Margolin Hebrew Academy from Memphis, Tennessee. We had the pleasure to hear them present to us several songs and a play about the holiday Tu B'Shevat- The Jewish "New Year for Trees".

Both classes learn Hebrew with a curriculum program called "TaL AM". Each unit ends with a celebration of what was learned. It was a wonderful connection for our students to see and hear the other class sing and perform the same songs, read the same books and use the same vocabulary as they do.

Students were shy at first, but it did not take them long to chime in and sing the songs with the kids on the other side of the screen.

The possibilities are endless to connect language learners (especially for less commonly taught languages) , allow collaboration among teachers who teach the same curriculum and give students the opportunity to experience that the language they are learning is NOT only taught and spoken within their classroom or school walls.

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