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Planning + Collaboration =Success!

I am so excited to share this fire safety PSA created by Mrs B's second grade class.This represents an example of what can be achieved with good planning and collaboration between teachers and students.

The idea for this came from an email notification about The Fire Safety Project, a video contest for students. Mrs. Bernard and Mrs. Hernandez agreed that this would be a worthwhile and appropriate project for the class.
We spent several classes in the classroom, planning.
Planning is key-
First we watched some fire safety public service announcements. The students took notes on the fire safety and prevention tips. We talked about what makes a video interesting, what makes a video stick in your mind, how to best communicate through this medium. We also discussed the idea of a PSA- using your movie to teach others.
Then we brainstormed ideas for our movie. Through the brainstorming process students considered several different concepts and ideas for the video. They really took ownership- discussing, deciding, revising- until they agreed upon a slogan and 5 safety and prevention tips.
We filmed pairs of students saying "Stay safe, Be cool. Don't be a fool" and students created individual storyboards to generate ideas for filming the 5 tips. Finally we created a whole class storyboard:
We used the storyboard as a guide as we filmed each scene.
Student ownership-
This project completely belonged to the students. The students came up with each and every idea for how to film the scenes, what to say, what props to use. If they didn't think it was right, they did it again, changing, adding, subtracting, improving. I can not emphasize enough the involvement and ownership of the students in each and every decision. They showed patience, perseverance, creativity and an impressive ability to work together as a group.
Process and Product
The process worked, and the students are so proud of their video. Whether it wins the $10,000 prize or not, they have achieved success.

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  1. So cute! I’m sure after the creation of this video, these kiddos will always remember what to do in case of a fire. GREAT WORK!!!

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