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Making a World of Difference

8th graders are collaborating with Mrs. Kuhr and Mrs. Hernandez in creating a video to enter a contest from the National Association of Middle School with the theme of "Making a World of Difference".

Challenge your students to use their 21st century technology and communication skills to highlight the ways they have identified and met the needs of your community/school; the growth they have made in problem solving; the empowerment they have gained to be good global citizens, and real world experience they have gained in developing their digital and communication skills. Encourage your students to share with others the interactions they have had with middle school students from other cultures and collaborative projects that they have initiated, designed and developed.

It was decided the the students would use the Mitzvah program at MJGDS to express in a digital form how they are making a world of difference.

Mrs. Hernandez gave the 8th graders an Introduction to Digital Storytelling by showing several examples like the ones below. Emphasis was placed on the use of different media (images, audio (voice & music), video) to tell a story.

Message in a Bottle

My Soul is in the Streets of Buenos Aires

In a brainstorming session, students worked together in defining what the Mitzvah program has meant to them over the last years. Taking notes of the conversation and entering them into a Wordle revealed the following preliminary visual of words that summarized their thoughts.


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