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An Interview with Jack & Annie from the Magic Tree House

Mrs. L's first graders had listened to the second grade podcast about animals, and had really enjoyed their story. They were especially thrilled that the second graders had received so many comments from teachers around the world.  Having an audience matters… even to 6 year olds.

They were enthusiastic and eager to record their own voices to get them “into other people’s computers and iPods” too.

We started reading a chapter book together, called Vacation under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne from the Magic Tree House series with them.

The idea was to pretend that we were interviewing Jack and Annie, the two main characters, about their latest adventure that had taken them to Pompeii.

Recording with Garageband

Recording with Garageband

Throughout the process of recording the podcast, students stayed engaged by reading and formulating questions & answers to be included in the podcast. Their oral fluency and performance voice increased dramatically.

Skills addressed:

  • listening
  • speaking
  • presenting
  • comprehension
  • storytelling
  • performance
  • voice acting
  • oral fluency
  • media
  • technology
Performance by Voice Acting

Performance by Voice Acting

Take a listen to their "Magic Tree House" podcast (~11 minutes). Download it to your ipod by right clicking the following link and saving the MP3 file to your computer: MJGDS- 1St Grade Magic Tree House .

You can also listen directly to the audio by clicking on the play button below.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

People from all over the world have listened to our 1st grade's podcast and have left a comment for them.

We tracked the locations where the comments came from on the Google Map.

View MJGDS- 1st Grade Podcast: Magic Tree House in a larger map

Here are some of the comments left for our students from aroudn the world.

  1. Steven
    Wow! What an awesome podcast. You guys did such and amazing job! I can’t wait to play this for some of the students in my school. Keep up the great work!
  2. Cindy Brock
    Great job 1st graders! I am so impressed!!! I live in Memphis, TN. Keep up the great work! :)
  4. From the frozen tundra in Minnesota, congratulations to all those fine readers. I really enjoyed listening to them and the excitement they brought to their reading.
    Happy Holidays to all!
  5. Barb
    I am so impressed with all of you! We love Magic Treehouse books in our home and I often use them to help adults learn to read (so they can read to their children). You all sound so professional. I can’t wait to see what you do next!From Bishop, CA, in the Eastern Sierra mountains…
  6. Sue G.
    I really enjoyed your class podcast about a favorite book here at my school! Your voices were so full of expression too. It was just like I was really listening to Jack and Annie answering questions in real life. Your explanations of hard words was terrific. I am going to encourage the first graders in my school to try this kind of recording too! Thank you for sharing your work.
    Sue, in Short Hills, New Jersey
  7. Dean Mantz
    Fantastic job 1st graders! I find your ability to speak so clearly a great achievement since I have worked with middle school and high school students that could not be as clearly spoken. Keep up the great work. I hope to hear further podcasts from you.
  8. Dean Mantz
    Sorry, forgot to mention from Sterling, Kansas, USA
  9. Zoma Olson
    Hi from Elk River, Minnesota. Great job on your podcast! Keep up the good work!
  10. Margaret Frick
    Great job 1st graders! We’ll have to try something like this at our school in Arlington, VA.
  11. Lauren
    My 1st and 3rd grade daughters LOVED listening to your story. Thanks for sharing!
    L, M & M in Madison, WI.
  12. Allanah King
    I think your voices were lovely and clear. Were you reading or were you making it up? Well done.Allanah King
    Appleby School
    New Zealand
  13. Ian Pratt
    great story, excellent production. my 5 year old loved it.
    well done everyone.
  14. Carrie Ward
    Hi 1st graders-I loved listening to your podcast. I could tel you worked on your fluency and expression. The vocabulary learned through reading the book also showed. Magic Tree House books are fun. Thanks for sharing!
    4th Grade Teacher at AIS/D
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
  15. Andy
    Guys, you are really fourth or fifth graders, aren’t you? This was really good, you did not sound like me when I was in the first grade (just a little after Pompeii’s volcano!)
    Seriously, wondeful job, wonderful voices, and great fun to listen to. I teach young people in Northern Thailand, I am going to have them listen to this and try to do the same kind of project. I don’t know if they will do as well as you all did…they are only seventh and eighth graders (but they are learning English).Really, really a great job.
    Thank you…or as we say here “Kawp Khun Khrap! Kawp Khun, Mak Mak.

    More, more, more.

  16. Janine
    Well done! I thought podcasting would be a bit tricky for my Early Childhood School students here in Perth, Western Australia, but you did an amazing job! I can’t wait to try it! Keep up the good work.
  17. Ms. Sanderson
    I’m listening to your podcast in cold, cold Massachusetts. It’s so professional. Good work, Kids!
  18. Jerry Blumengarten - Cybrary Man
    Hi! I am from Florida. Thank for this great podcast. Boys and girls you did an outstanding job and I enjoyed listening to your wonderful voices. My grandchildren love the Magic Tree House books and I will have them listen to this too. Have a wonderful holiday season.
  19. Caroline Breyley
    Well done! You sound like you are having such a lot of fun. What a great way to show all that you have learned. I’ve been to Pompeii and climbed the volcano – there are still wafts of smoke and the smell of sulphur is very strong – like bad eggs! Its an amazing place; I hope you get to go there some time.
    Burravoe School, Yell, Shetland Islands, Scotland
  20. Karen Kliegman
    You do such great stuff!
  21. Beth Diaz
    Wow-you guys did a super job of making this a very exciting interview! I enjoyed hearing this and will play your podcast for my 2nd graders on Monday! I know they will all want to read this Jack and Annie story. I especially liked your excitement and your sound effects! I hear about your podcast on Twitter! Thanks for sharing!
    I work at an all boys school in Memphis, Tennessee, home of Elvis Presley!
  22. soultravelers3
    This is so cool! You did a great job! We are in Spain and listened with our daughter.
    Guess what? We went to Pompeii and took that book with us!
  23. Joan Young
    Wow! Very impressive! I teach kindergarten in CA and I am inspired by all of you to try a project like this with my class. You all did such a wonderful job! Kudos to your teacher as well :-)
  24. Julie Niles Petersen
    Dear Students,I am a reading specialist in California and I have to tell you that your podcast was absolutely amazing! The hard work you put into it was obvious. You came up with great questions and answers. Not only that, your fluency is truly spectacular. This sounds like it could be on TV. Your passion and excitement for this project comes shining through and it warms my heart. I hope you will make more podcasts and share them with the world because you are right, books can take us anywhere we want!

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!!!!

    A note to the teacher: I cannot tell you how impressed I am by this and thankful that you shared it. I also appreciate that you gave such clear directions on how to do it. I hope many teachers will follow in your footsteps. I was blown away!

  25. Dr. Frank Miller
    Hi from Western North Carolina. I am forwarding this site URL to my son’s diversity Charter school and their technology media teacher. This is just amazing and I think all the elementary grades would be excited by this concept and eager to imitate these innovative creative efforts! Thanks for disseminating this novel idea. A real service and kudos to the students.
    Frank Miller MD, Cherokee NC
  26. LauraW
    I am sorry, I don’t believe you! These can not be first graders… they must be in year 6 or something, this work is just too professional :)Seriously, the class have done a great job and we in Bowral Australia are mightily impressed!


  27. LeahZ
    Great interviews, first graders! I am a college professor in northwest Iowa, and I look forward to sharing your podcast with my students who are learning to teach. You will be teaching teachers! I think my first grade daughter is going to enjoy your interviews with Annie and Jack, too. Thanks for sharing!
  28. Christina Swinn
    Excellent podcast, first graders! I can tell that you really enjoyed the story Vacation Under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne! You had great questions during your interviews and wonderful answers. I loved your “podcast voices” and sound effects. This was a great way to incorporate technology into reading and social studies class. I am SURE you learned so many things as you completed this project. Way to go! Keep up the good work! I teach first grade in Gettysburg, PA.
  29. Harold
    Great job! So when can you do a podcast on place value in math? Can you do one and have visuals too?
  30. Harold
    Oops. I live in Delaware.
  31. Patrick Higgins
    Great job on your podcasts and your research! I look forward to passing these along to the students in my schools!I am from Sparta, NJ 07871
  32. Steve Ransom
    Excellent work, you guys! My kids love the Magic Treehouse series and are jealous that they didn’t get to do what you have done here when they were in first grade. I’m even sharing your work with my university graduate students… they are learning that first graders can really do amazing things when they are encouraged to. You should give your teacher a big “high five”!
    Well done… (from Rochester, NY)
  33. saba
    wonderful kids! you all are reading so well! ur teacher must be a very lovely teacher, she does so lovely things for you keep ur good work up waiting to listen to more of ur lovely voices
  34. Karen Bosch
    Hello, first graders, from Southfield, Michigan. I can tell that you worked very hard on your podcast. Great work!
  35. Eva Büyüksimkeşyan
    Excellent work. I loved your podcast. I’ve become your greatest fan.
  36. Georgann
    Your podcast was great! My second grade enjoys The Magic Tree House Books. Maybe I should try something like this with them, you are inspiring me!
  37. Goethe Schule
    Congratulations! Excellent work! Buenos Aires Argentina
  38. Katy Gartside
    WOW!! I can’t believe you are in 1st grade – are you sure you aren’t in 4th grade?? You came up with some terrific questions and did a great job answering the questions as Jack and Annie. You are so expressive too, and it was a great idea to include explanations of difficult words. I’m so impressed. I am going to share this with my 5th grade students tomorrow – I’m sure they will love it too. They will probably want to do a podcast like you!
    Congratulations from New York City.
  39. Leslie Davison
    Great job! I enjoyed listening. The sound effects were really fun. I will share your podcast with students at my school this week. I’m sure they will love it too. Keep up the great work!
    Felicidades from Snowy Mountains of Colorado
  40. Deb Schiano
    Awesome job Jacks, Annies and interviewers!
    Guess what? I have experience acting as Jack also! One time we changed our whole elementary school in NJ into Jack and Annie’s adventures! The front of the school was decorated like their tree house and each classroom was a different time and place that Jack and Annie visited. We even had a room that was Pompei! When students visited the rooms they learned all about Jack and Annie’s adventures and the places and time periods where they traveled.
    I hope you get a chance to read more Magic Tree House Books and make more podcasts. Learning is lots of fun, isn’t it?!
  41. Melissa Tran
    WOW! I’m in Maryland and thought you all were terrific. You made me want to learn more about Pompeii! Keep up the great work and remember to thank your teacher for coming up with such an exciting idea for a lesson!
  42. Heather Davis
    Hello from Beijing, China.
    Wow, what a wonderful podcast. I love the Magic Treehouse books. We have many of them in our Library here at our school.Your voices were very clear and exciting to listen to.

    I am going to have my Grade 3 class listen to your podcast and maybe we will make one also about one of our favourite books.

    Thanks for sharing with the world.

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  1. Dear First Grade Podcasters,
    Congratulations on this impressive interview. It is very clear to me that this took a lot of hard work and cooperation. You did an excellent job.
    My son, Jack, and I enjoy reading Magic Treehouse books at home. We haven’t read this one yet, but I am going to share your podcast with him. I think he will really like it.
    Your fan, Mrs. Hernandez

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