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2nd Grade Animal Podcast

2nd graders are studying animals in their science unit. They have learned about the different characteristics of mammals, reptiles and birds.

Their teacher has introduced them to a podcast project. A podcast is similar to an audio radio show.

As a class, they brainstormed and decided on a storyline of their podcast. Then they were divided into 4 groups: Narrators, mammals, reptiles and birds.

We listened to several podcast examples of other elementary school students.

2nd grade introducing podcasting - Martin J Gottlieb Day School

Each group worked together to write a script that would collaboratively make up the podcast episode.

They were allowed to be as creative as they wanted to be within the parameters set by their teachers and the storyline the class had decided on:

  • Their episode could not be longer than 3 minutes long
  • Each group (except narrators) decided on a particular animal within their animal group
  • They had to integrate the characteristics of the animal by taking on the role of that animal and using science vocabulary and descriptive words.

After they wrote and rehearsed their script, we started recording. Paying special attention to:

  • Is there interest and enthusiasm in their voices?
  • Is there learning in their voices?
  • Is there pride in what they are accomplishing in their voices?

and working on the following:

  • Speaking skills
  • Writing skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Presentations skills
  • Communication skills
  • Oral fluency
  • (Digital) Storytelling skills
  • Media literacy
  • Technology skills
  • Auditory skills
  • Media literacy
  • Information literacy

Animal Podcast

Listen to our 2nd graders share their learning in their first podcast episode.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I shared the podcast with other teachers around the world and students received many comments on their work. Creating work for an authentic audience was very motivating to the students.

2nd grade podcast

What an AWESOME podcast! I can tell you learned a lot about animals! How lucky you are to have such a talented teacher to guide you through the process of producing such a great podcast! Keep up the good work and keep reading and learning! I am a computer teacher in Gadsden, AL. I am going to be starting a study of animals with my third graders soon and would like to share your podcast with my students to kick off our unit of study. Have a great school year!

Hello grade two students!

I am a teacher in Edmonton, Canada who helps other teachers and students use technology for learning. I want to congratulate you on an excellent podcast about animals! I love so many things about this podcast:

- First off, I love how you have used the knowledge you have about animals to tell an interesting story. This takes much more thinking than just telling back facts, and I’ll bet you’ll remember this knowledge for a longer time by doing it your way also.
- Secondly, I can tell that you all had to work together and cooperate in making different parts of this story and come up with ideas. It’s not always easy working with other people, but I bet that working together helped the podcast ideas become even better!
- Thirdly, the story itself was really great! You came up with clever ideas, you used very descriptive words so that I could almost imagine myself there seeing, hearing, and feeling the story, and you used your voices really well to keep me interested and help me understand the story by speaking clearly, smoothly, and with a lot of feeling. I bet that took a lot of practice.

I would love to be able to work with teachers and students to do podcasts like these, just like Ms. Tolisano has worked with you. Do you have any advice for other students that might want to do this that you would share with me that I could share with other students? If so, please feel free to share them with Ms. Tolisano who can pass them on to me.

Thank you and congratulations again!
Mr. Maas
Edmonton, Canada

Great stuff you guys, really enjoyed the podcast, a great story that with the sound effects really does come to life. Brilliant. I am a 6th grade teacher of science in England and will encourage my children to listen and produce their own podcasts.

Excellent work, Grade 2! I live in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. I am a teacher who helps other teachers with technology in their classrooms so I love the podcast you have created. My son is also in grade 2 so I will let him listen so he can learn more about mammals, reptiles, and birds!

Hello 2nd graders. I’m from SW Florida. I love your podcast! I learned so much about the different kinds of animals. I could tell you were excited about sharing what you learned because I could hear it in your voices. Great job. Keep up the good work.

Hi second graders. I’m a retired teacher living in Brooklyn, New York. I used to teach at Parsons School of Design where our students made videos, wrote music and designed books, posters and newspapers.I bet that lots of 2nd graders would love to hear your podcasts. Thanks for the hard work and congrats on the great results.

Hello 2nd Graders,

I am from Geraldton in Western Australia (can you find this town on a map?). It is really hot and sunny here at the moment. I really loved listening to your podcasts. What I loved most was that you had lots of descriptive words and you used lots of great sound effects to keep your podcast sounding interesting.I teacher children who are 12. I hope you don’t mind if I share this with them as I think they would be AMAZED at what you have done.Keep up the great work – and be nice to your teacher!

Bye for now – from Hayley in Australia

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  1. I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE it! You guys did an amazing job! I love your creativity and imagination. Now I want to do podcasts in library! I’m proud to say I’m your librarian!

  2. Ariella: This is first grade at MJGDS. This was a good show. We liked how the animals turned into different kinds of things.
    Ayden: We especially liked the part where everyone was saying gummies. We liked how you did the story. You did a very good job.
    Arin: This is first grade. Thank you for letting us listen to your show.
    Benjamin: We liked how you made your show. It sounded so realistic.
    Elad: We liked the noise that you put in.
    Jona: You did a great job!
    Syney: I liked when the animal turned into an eagle.
    Nathan: I liked the part when they turned into a snake.
    Rebecca: I lliked when the zookeeper keeps turning into different animals.
    Camille: We also liked that there was a fox in the story.
    Mrs. L.: WOW! I am impressed! I am so proud of what you are continuing to learn about animals. Great job by my former students! You are WONDERFUL!
    MJGDS – down the hall in Jacksonville Florida!

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