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Middle School Math Wiki

Middle School is working on a student created Math Wiki.

A wiki is a wiki is a web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own  browser.  Wikis are being created by a collaborative effort of the site's visitors. The most famous example of a wiki is  Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia in many languages that anyone can edit. The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian phrase, "wiki wiki," which means  "quick".

mjgds-math - home

The introduction to the wikis for the students started out with the viewing of the following video.

"Wikis in Plain English"

Introduction of the wikispaces site (at this point our wiki is still private. Once students are comfortable with the platform, it will be a set to public in order to invite visitors from around the world.

  • A username/password is required to view and edit the wiki

How to edit and format the wiki:

  • Enter text
  • Making Links and creating new pages
  • Inserting images
  • Widgets
  • Making changes
  • Saving your work

ClustrMap to show the location of visitors to the wiki
The wiki will be private in the beginning, only visitors from Jacksonville will be visible. Once the wiki goes public, we should see an increase in visitors from around the world.

Discussion Area

  • What do we use the discussion area for?
  • Netiquette for discussion area

Wiki Netiquette

  • Wikiquette= Wiki Netiquette
    A Netiquette is a guideline how to behave and work with others on the internet.
    A Wikiquette is a netiquette on a Wiki.
  • What is NOT permitted on our Wiki
    The Math Wiki is an online extension of our school. The same conduct, values and rules of our MJGDS community apply. The wiki is WHAT YOU MAKE of it!
    Contribute, Collaborate, Communicate, Care, Create, Celebrate

Wiki Help Section

  • Step by step instructions with screenshots as reminders how to edit and format wiki

Content: What are we creating?

  • Definitions
  • Formulas
  • Audio & Video Explanations
  • Tutorials for peers

Content: How are we connecting knowledge?

  • To create new knowledge and understanding
  • To create new perspectives
  • To point out obvious and not so obvious links between knowledge
  • To make sense of the information

Content: How do we organize content?

  • There is a need to learn how to organize, file, archive and later on retrieve a vast amount of information
  • Organize the information in a MEANINGFUL way

In math it is often hard to use the keyboard to write formulas, exponents, angles, etc.. Students were shown how to use the SmartBoad Notebook software on the computers in the lab to record screencast videos or take screenshots with Skitch .

In the next few weeks, students will also use Garageband to create audio files for tutorials/explanations.

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