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News Events & Global Awareness

Mrs. Reppert has had her students scan the news for important happenings around the world for years.
This school year she has added a new twist. Each news event is added with a placemark to a Google Map. Students are categorizing the events as well as providing a short summary which are added to the placemark.
Since the maps are public, students are writing for a global audience. Check the viewer count to see how many hits each map has received already.

The map provides an incredible visual and is a medium to further explore geography, information literacy and global awareness. Questions such as these arise:

  • In what category do most news events we added fall?
  • In what continents and countries are the news items in?
  • Whate area of the world do we know or hear the least about? Why?
  • How can we expand our horizon to cover more areas of the globe?

You can follow the maps as they expand and grow during the school year.

Here is the 6th Grade News Events map

View 6th Grade Current Events in a larger map

Here is the 7th grade News Events map

View 7th Grade Current Events Map in a larger map

Here is the 8th grade News Events map.

View 8th News Events Around the World - in a larger map

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