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Hands-On Session: Visual Literacy

Parent Connect- Visual Literacy

We hadn't attempted a hands-on session for Parent Connect in some time. So we decided to make February's session an opportunity to not just discuss the importance of visual communication, but to explore the tool Canva and use it to have participants create designs of their own. We had two basic learning intentions for this session:

  • to understand the importance of design as a basic literacy skill
  • to experience learning through play, exploration, trial and error

We began with a look at some popular websites: CNN and Smithsonian and the question, "What do you notice?" Check out those links now. What do YOU notice? Communication in the now is heavy on visuals and lighter on text. To be literate in our digitally-connected world, visual design skills are not an option but a necessity. We talked about how some schools, such as Science Leadership Academy, are rethinking content requirements to reflect this by making graphic design a requirement for graduation.

Parent Connect- Visual Literacy (4)

We also talked about the "learner's mindset" to bring when exploring a new tool and creating a design. The above list was brainstormed during a session with 3rd graders learning to use Canva.

Parent Connect- Visual Literacy (1)

Here are the creations of our Parent Connect participants.

Add aChildren little bit of body text Breathe (1) Never stop learning because life never stop teaching-2 attitude is a The most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world! Your_Designs_–_Canva Andrea Emily

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