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1:1 iPad Learning Showcase

Thank you to all who were able to attend our learning showcase. The purpose of this was for our students to share some of the ways that the iPads are being used for learning in 4th/5th grade.

 Our current 4th grade graphic designer created the flyer.

 4th and 5th graders, working in groups of three, shared the following apps or groups of apps:

Word Work Apps (the students chose to show Free Rice and Words With Friends)
Math Apps (QuentoMy Script CalculatorKhan Academy and Splash Math)
Pic Collage
Notes and Sketchbook
Hachtavah (an app used for learning Hebrew spelling)
Explain Everything
Google Drive and WordPress

 Using a "speed-geeking" format, each group of student experts had five minutes to present to a small audience. After five minutes the audience rotated to another table. The goal was to keep the focus on how the app was used for learning.

 As part of the student's preparation, each group of three was responsible for:

  • a learning flyer explaining how the app is used for learning
  • a "how-to" flyer, showing some basic steps for
  • using the tool
  • quality examples from the classroom


Feedback and Reflection
The feedback on the learning showcase was tremendously positive.

Some comments from teachers who attended:
"Experiencing our students teaching the apps to their parents and to others, like me, made me want to learn more about the subject that they were teaching.  It shows how much they know and how much confidence they have in their skills.  It was so impressive that some of the participants were asking for more. "

" was really impressive . The students were well prepared, enthusiastic, respectful and joyful."

Parents loved learning from their children. One grandmother said she was so excited that she is now planning to buy an iPad for her younger grandson.There were some really wonderful examples of partnership and teamwork. Overall, the students shined.

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