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Week of May 14-18

How to Interview and Grade People Who Don’t Really Exist by: Talia Z.

Last week in 6th grade language arts, we started working on a project for our books. My group read the Six Day Hero book. We had 7 different projects that we could choose from. We had to do 3 out of the 7. These were the three that I did: An interview with one of the characters and their response being what you think they would say, a report card for one of the characters based on their character traits with examples from the story, and a brochure for the place that the story takes place in.

I enjoyed doing this for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons being that it lets you use your imagination and creativity. I interviewed the main character’s father for my first project. Then I did a report card for the main character’s little brother, and a brochure for Jerusalem. I think it was fun and educational. For instance, before reading the book, I didn’t know about Ammunition Hill and the war. Now, I know about a museum that they have there for it. I also know that my mother played there as a child. I know more about the Six Day War then I ever did before. These are my reasons for why I enjoyed doing this project so much.

Seventh Grade Is Ready to Read! by: Daisy H.

Hi everyone! While Mrs.T and the eighth graders were having a blast in NYC, the sixth and seventh graders were still in school! So all week we had Mrs. Burkhart as our language arts teacher. On Monday, we started the week off with half of Bellwork #17. Bellwork is practice on different types of language arts topics. We went over possessive pronouns and antecedents, grammar review, reference text, and homonyms. We also started reading chapter seven in our read-aloud book called Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. The book is about a black girl named Cassie and her family and the struggles of being black in the 1930s.

We continued to practice more skills during the week including the following: analogies, spelling practice, figurative language, context clues, editing, and word classification. We also continued reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry aloud as a class. Overall, we had a great week and I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a happy Shavuot!

Week of May 21-25

In Language arts this week we shared our projects. We made Diary entries from characters, brochures on sites in the book, report cards for characters, interviews with characters and board games based on the two books we read.  There were two different groups: there was the One More River group and the Six-Day War Hero group. Each of these projects was individually done. One More River and the Six-Day War Hero are two books written by two separate authors which we read in class and recently finished. They were really good and interesting.  By: Evan W.

Roll of Summer, Hear my Cry by: Aidan K.

             In class this week, we read Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry (again).  I finished the book while my classmates read chapter 7-10. I would say that this book gets 3.5/5 stars. It was a good book, but not my favorite book of all time. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I liked the ending of the book a lot. Pretty much, the book ended with T.J. in jail getting ready to be hanged or chain ganged, and there is the fact that the Grangers lost some land to the fire (so did the Logans) and everyone was peaceful.

Aside from ROTHMC we did bell work in class. Now that school is almost up and the summer is upon us, I can finally state my opinions of the things we did in class. I think that all of the bellwork we did was good practice for all of the tests we had to do because we had to finish on time. All in all most of the stuff we do is important.

Our Last Books by: Ben D.

Hello, everyone. This week in Language Arts, our 8th Grade class started our class books. The girls started reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, and the boys started reading The Accident by Todd Strasser. Both of these books have sensitive topics which will help us to learn about personal responsibility and how to be advocates for ourselves in the future.

The grammar unit we are learning is Unit 11. Unit 11 is about pronoun problems. Pronoun problems involve knowing which pronoun to choose in certain sentences. In most situations, you just figure out what sounds right, but there are exceptions. For example, in the sentence, “My brother and (I/me) went to the park on Sunday,” you need to remove the words, “my brother,” and then see what makes sense. The correct answer is I. Also, in the sentence, “To (who/whom) am I speaking?” you just use the rule that says that who is giving and whom is receiving. The correct answer is whom. Another example can be found in the sentence, “(We/Us) as the faculty demand a higher salary.” In this sentence, you remove the words, “as the faculty.” Thank you for reading, and I will see you next week.

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