The End of the Year is Upon Us

The Sixth Grade Readers and Writers

          This week in Language Arts, The Six- Day Hero and the One More River groups   finished their books. For each chapter that we read we create one multiple choice question and one short answer question. A short answer question is where the answer to the question is two to three sentences long. We also had pick 5 words from our vocabulary list and do word art for each word. Word art is where you turn a word into art. (There is an example in the picture below.)

Since we have finished the grammar worksheets we started doing bellwork practices. Bellwork practices review several different grammar skills from the entire year. For example: up- down : sad- _____ what goes on the blank (happy).  I can’t wait to see what we’re doing next week; till next time.

By: Masha B.

7th Grade Update

This whole week was crazy in Language Arts. To start off the week, we continued to read the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. Most of the class has gotten through chapter six! Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, more than half the class was taking the EOC. So, congrats to them for finishing the EOC!

We are sadly coming to a close on our 2017/2018 school reading challenge! For the reading challenge, there is Bronze (20 books 2 genres), Silver (30 books 3 genres) Gold (40 books 4 genres) and lastly Platinum (50 books 5 genres). We also have our second book for the 4th nine weeks due tomorrow. All in all, we have had a crazy week!


Reading, Vocab, Essays Oh my! By Samantha L

Welcome back to our  8th grade week! In 8th grade we had an eventful week; we learned a new subject on Monday and finished up our persuasive essays. The new lesson was teaching us when to use; us and we, I and me, and who and whom. Whom is receiving and who is giving. Let’s do an example: Jenna is better at math than (me/I). Take out “at math” and it’s simple to figure out. Jenna is better than (me/I). It’s Jenna is better than me.

On Tuesday, we went over the ‘I and me’, ‘we and us’, and ‘who and whom’ again. We also continued to finish the rest of our essays for the ones who didn’t on Monday. The ones who did finish on Monday got to free read.

On Wednesday we practiced our new lesson some more and then voted for a free read day. Each of us got to read our book and we all enjoyed it. Thanks Mrs. Teitelbaum!

On Thursday we all posted our essays and commented on each others, but only after we practiced our lesson again! Each and everyone’s essay was different! Mine was a persuasive essay about not wearing uniforms. We then were given our new vocabulary words for our new books! The boys are reading The Accident and the girls are reading Speak.

Thanks so much for checking in! I hope you enjoyed my recap of the 8th grade week.

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