Colorful Week in Language Arts

6th Grade Language Arts

Blog Post- Lily D.

This week in language arts, we took a quiz on subject-verb agreement. Subject-verb agreement is a set of grammar rules that makes sure the correct verb is used in a sentence. Here is an example sentence:

Abby and Brian (is/are) walking to the library.

Abby and Brian are the two subjects which means you use the plural verb “are”.  Here is another example:

Either ice cream or apple pie (is/are) my favorite food.

Apple pie is the subject nearest to the verb so you would say “apple pie is my favorite food.

Part of our class is reading a book called One More River. It is written by Lynne Reid Banks. One More River takes place during the 1960s in Israel. It is about a girl named Lesley who moves to Israel. She meets a boy named Mustapha who owns a donkey named Eeyore.

The other half of our class is reading a book called The Six- Day Hero. It is written by Tamar Stien. It is about a boy named Motti who lived during the time of the Six Day War and is all about his life.

Colors of Seventh Grade by: Danny B.
This week in language arts we read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. The book is about an African American family who lives in Mississippi in 1933. The Logan family owns a farm, Cassie’s mom is a teacher and her dad lays railroad tracks in Louisiana. Cassie and her siblings are sick of the bus that takes white kids to school splattering them with mud. They dig a ditch and fill it with water so when the bus runs over it, it will get stuck. Their plan works. That night, night riders come. We also started writing a reflection on what we’ve read so far about our novel. Thursday was Color Wars.
We also worked on our pronoun-
antecedent agreement.
There are a few rules to this. Rule one is that a pronoun must agree with its antecedent in number and gender. For example: Garry left his math book in his locker. Since Gary is a male, we use his. Rule number two is you need to know if the sentence is talking about multiple people or one person. For example: a musician must be in command of his/her instrument. It’s his/her because it’s one musician and we don’t know their gender. Rule number three is that if there are singular indefinite pronouns, then it’s always singular. For example: Each of the students left his/herbook behind. Since the word “each” is a singular indefinite pronoun we make it his/her. The fourth rule states that if it’s “either… or” we pick the pronoun closest to the antecedent. For example Neither Justin nor Ben brought his book. Since Ben is male, we use his. The last rule is that when referring to a group, use it or its. For example: the team did not achieve all of its goals for the season. Since team is a group, we use its. On Wednesday we took our quiz on these rules.

A Very Busy Week in 8th Grade Language Arts by: Julia D.

This was an eventful week in Eighth Grade Language Arts. Every morning we have been doing a daily grammar practice. This chapter has been teaching us when to use they, his, her, its, or his or her, depending on the antecedent closest to it. On Thursday, we had a grammar pop quiz for the whole chapter.

We have also been working on our argumentative essays for a couple weeks. Most of our essays have been written, so this week we worked on the conclusion and  peer conferences.  On Monday, we finished up the body of the essay. For the next few days, we learned the correct way to write a conclusion and worked on it. Then, we had peer conferences with another student and fixed typos.

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