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Amazing Language Arts in 6th by Jacob G.

This week in Language Arts we have done a couple things. The first thing we have done is work on our grammar work. Right now we are are reading the books One More River and Six Day Hero. One More River is about a rich Jewish family that lives in Canada, and the dad wants to emigrate to Israel. When they emigrate to Israel, the six day war starts. I am not really sure what the other book is about because I am in the One More River group.

Another thing we have done this week in in language Arts is our grammar lessons. Right now we are learning about subject -verb agreements. If it was talking about one thing the verbs would end in an S. If it was talking about multiple things, then the verb would not end in an S. For example: One of the girls are asking  for help.

That would be wrong; it would be One of the girls is asking for help.

LA Homework Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by: Yosef B.

On Monday, the seventh grade finished up projects for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. We did projects about the time period this book takes place. We did this so we could get an understanding of what’s happening during this period in time. On Tuesday, we presented our projects to the class. Every group had a different subject to present. On Wednesday, we started reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and did 10.2 in our grammar unit. On Thursday we read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and we did 10.3 in our grammar unit.

Language Arts Times in 8th Grade by: Austin G.

This week in Language Arts we started to work on argumentative essays. We did this last year as well, but I am really happy we are doing it again. In class we learned what a thesis is and how to get information for our essays. We first had to find articles for our argument by going online. Then when we found our articles, we printed them out and highlighted sentences that supported our argument. Then we started writing our essays. My argument is: I believe that Uber should have a better program to keep their drivers and passengers safe.

In grammar we are learning how to use pronouns in a sentence.

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