We Celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day!

Books, Blue and White, and a Blast by Maddie M.

This week in language arts, 6th grade began reading two books called The Six Day Hero and One More River. We had a lot of fun this week continuing to learn about indefinite pronouns, prepositional phrases, and singular and plural verb usage. For example, if you said the following: The herd of sheep walk slowly, that would be incorrect. You would say The herd of sheep walks slowly because ‘of sheep’ is a prepositional phrase, and you never find the subject(s) of a sentence in that. The subject is herd, and herd is singular, so it would be walks.

This week was also Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day. On Thursday, we had a series of rotations including art, architecture, technology, food, singing, dancing, and sports all from Israel. In language arts, we also learned about proper grammar. If you said Tim and Mike is going to the beach, that’s incorrect. Of course, it doesn’t sound right either, and you would automatically assume it should be are, which is correct. Not always does it sound funny though. If I said Strength and courage ‘is’ needed to fight a dragon, that would be wrong. It should be ‘are’ because using ‘and’ to join two subjects makes it plural.

7th Grade Post by: Ava J.

This week in seventh (7th) grade we did a lot of fun stuff. On Monday we finished presenting our word art. If you don’t know, word art is literally word art. You take a word and turn it into its definition with drawings. You also can put the part of speech and actual definition on the paper. On Tuesday, and the rest of the week seventh was missing a piece. Our fellow classmate, Aleeya, had knee surgery. Our prayers go out to her and hope she recovers quickly. Also we hope she returns to school soon. Besides that, we learned that we had a project for our class book Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by: Mildred D. Taylor. We would be partnered up in groups of two to three to create a presentation on the background research for the book. In class, we read pre-made packets (thanks Mrs.T) to learn the topics for our project.

On Wednesday, it was Yom Hazikaron/Israel’s Memorial Day. So our middle school  did a service/program for all those you wished to come. But in class, we started to make our presentations. On Thursday, it was very chaotic! That’s because it was Yom Haatzmaut/Israel Independence day. Israel turned 70! Can you believe it! So, our day was  packed with tons of activities for Yom Haatzmaut. Therefore, our schedule was a little bit messed up. But in class, we continued to work on our presentation with our partner(s). We also found out our presentations will be due on Monday. Finally, on Friday our first independent book was due. 

Into The World of Eighth Grade by: Allie B.

Welcome back to eighth grade! This week we have commenced researching for our argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a type of writing were you defend a position on a topic. You defend your topic using research. We had to find at least three articles to support our side and one counter argument, defending the other side. Within each paragraph we will have a supporting example, a counter argument, and a reason why the counter argument is wrong.

In grammar, we have been learning about shifts in verb tense. We have focused on four basic rules.

  1. If you are writing about two events that are happening at the same, be consistent with the verb tense.


Incorrect: Workers are installing extra loudspeakers because the music in tonight’s concert would need amplification

Correct: Workers are installing extra loudspeakers because the music in tonight’s concert will need amplification.

  1. Stay away from unneeded shifts of tenses.


Incorrect: My dog sat in the front seat of my car and barks at a biker.

Correct: My dog sat in the front seat of my car and barked at a biker.

  1. When a conditional event arises in the present, then the outcome will occur in the future.


Incorrect: If I past the test, I will have an “A” in the class.

Correct: If I pass the test, I will have an “A” in the class.

  1. When talking about an event that MIGHT HAVE occured in the past, you must use “would” to describe the feasible result.


Incorrect: If I had passed the test, then I will have an “A” in the class.

Correct: If I had passed the test, then I would have an “A” in the class.

We have two birthdays this week! Happy Birthday Isa and יום הולדת Israel!

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