A Book a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Our third book for the nine weeks was due today.  We had to have our chart updated and our projects completed.

The Giver finale by: Sam K.

This week in 6th Grade English with Mrs. Teitelbaum, we continued and finished reading our book The Giver by Lois Lowry. In the past few chapters, Jonas has started to contemplate his future. We were all amazed at the plot twists of this book and we all highly recommend it for everyone. We will have a test on it on Monday. I personally really liked this book and will probably end up reading the sequels.

Testing is Done, Back to the Fun 7th Grade by: Ariel O.

We’re back to school from testing, and everyone is exhausted: normal for a Monday morning. Even though testing is done, that doesn’t mean school is done too. We worked very hard this week on several projects and an essay. In Language Arts, after finishing the reading for The Night of the Burning, we began a project. We had several different options for our project such as creating a new epilogue for the book, creating a book trailer, writing new lyrics about the book as a parody to a song, or making a poem.

I chose to make lyrics, with a parody to the song “Stressed Out.” It turned out that making a parody isn’t as easy as it seems. First getting the words to match, and then singing them while staying on tune was “quite a pickle.” During the same days that we worked on our projects, we also worked on an argumentative essay. Everyone in the class chose a topic that they felt strongly about and made it into an argument. In our writing, we were required to have at least three supporting details to go with our opinion. We started with a hook, hoping to grab the reader’s attention A big variety of topics were chosen. One of the topics was about how the United States is in debt. You would be surprised at how much money they owe, especially to China. Even with all the work, everyone is relieved that testing is done. We’re still settling back into our normal schedule, but we are ready for school.

A Book a Day Keeps the Doctor Away by: Isa Z.

In 8th grade this week, we finished up our class books. The three books the class read were: The Berlin Boxing Club, by Robert Sharenow; Copper Sun, by Sharon Draper; and Sophia’s War, by Avi. After finishing our reading, annotating, and answering questions, each group will meet with Mrs. Teitelbaum to talk about the book. Afterwards, we’ll talk with our own group about the book. Then, each group will start their book project. For The Berlin Boxing Club group, they have to write an essay on a topic they choose. For the Copper Sun group, they have to write three short essays. For the Sophia’s War group, they have to make a new cover of the book with a Google presentation of the book.

Since the third quarter is coming to an end, our class hasn’t focused on any grammar or English lessons. However, each reading group will be taking a quiz on the second section of vocabulary words they were assigned for the book they’re reading. We will be completing our final three grammar units during the fourth nine weeks.

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