Preparing for Take-Off or Just Testing…

ITBS Test Prep in 6th by: Nava K.

     This week in 6th grade, we were preparing for standardized testing. In class Mrs. Teitelbaum taught us Usage of words. Usage of words is the spelling of words and using the right words. She also taught us about correct punctuation and correct capitalization. This way we will understand what each section of the test is asking us.

The Center of Attention in 7th by: Aiden K.

This week was standardized testing preparation; Mrs. Teitelbaum had us doing all types of review and learning. For example, did you know that there are two different letters that you write (nowadays, people type, not write anything) to people? One is called a “friendly letter”, a friendly letter is when you write (type) a letter to a friend that is friendly that you start off with a comma after the greeting like this :  

Dear Mrs. Teitelbaum,

I would rather be sleeping tha doing this…….etc.

As opposed to a “formal” letter that you would write for business that has a colon after the person’s name, like this:

Dear Mrs. Jones:

In class we also read more of The Night of The Burning. (Spoiler Alert) We read a part where Devorah (the main character) made a friend after about two years of not having any (besides her orphanage friends). After going through the tragedy of losing everyone she ever knew except her sister, Devorah was then separated from her sister at an orphanage. If I were in her shoes (they would probably be too tiny),  I think I would’ve made a friend a lot sooner because honestly, I am an extrovert that loves to be the center of attention. Whether its for good or bad things, I love to be noticed and the center of attention.

8th Grade’s Incredible Week by: Noam B.

 This week we are practicing for the ITBS test that we will be taking next week. One tip we have learned this week includes the process of elimination which is a method where you have to eliminate some answers and find the best of those answers. We have also reviewed punctuation, word usage, and capitalization.

In class, we are all divided up into three reading groups. The first group is reading Copper Sun , the second group is reading Berlin Boxing Club, and the third group is reading Sophia’s War. Each book is a type of historical fiction. Everyday we read about 20- 30 pages in class and what is not finished in class is homework. We also annotate information as we read. I am in the Copper Sun group. Copper Sun is a book about slavery, and I think it’s a very interesting book so far. Each group has a different set of vocabulary words to learn.

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