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Semi-colons and Colons by: Maya L.

On Monday we started the week off by reading more of our book, The Giver. We read about doing your volunteer hours at the House of the Old and that it is normal to bathe someone who is elderly. When we read this it made me feel uncomfortable.

 On Tuesday we reviewed semi-colons and colons.We did that by having a review “quiz” that wasn’t graded. I corrected what was wrong on the quiz and took it home to study. Then on Wednesday, we took the test and I feel that I might get a good grade.

The 7th Grade is Ready to State Their Argument by: Moe J.

This week in Seventh Grade Language Arts, we began learning about how to properly write an argumentative paper. We learned about the different components needed in an argumentative paper. First we have the opener. In the opener we need the thesis to explain what is going to be argued, and we need the hook to attract the reader’s attention. After that, we need are three or more reasons to explain why we are correct, and our conclusion to restate our reasons and our thesis. Once we finish learning how to write an argumentative paper we will write one ourselves.

In our book The Night of the Burning, we learn that the main character Devorah and her sister Nechama are going to be split up in an orphanage. In class, we had an argumentative debate on if orphanages should be allowed to split up families if they find a home for one of them but not the other. We also chose what topic we would be doing for our argumentative paper and started doing research to prove our point. This week we also celebrated Purim. Happy Purim.

Just Read a Book by: Allie B.

The more that you read the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you’ll go! -Dr. Seuss

In 8th grade, we had a choice of three books to read. Copper Sun by Sharon Draper, Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow, and Sophia’s War by Avi. Copper Sun is set in Africa in 1738. Amari was captured from her village and sold to a bidder. Berlin Boxing Club is about Max Schmeling, a Jewish teen, coming of age in Nazi Germany between 1934 and 1939. With these struggles, he also pursues his passion of boxing. Sophia’s War is based on the Revolutionary War. With these books, we will be answering questions and completing multiple writing assignments, along with learning new vocabulary words.


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