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Perfect Punctuation by: Maddie M.

This week in Language Arts, sixth grade continued to learn about colons and semicolons. A colon introduces something, while a semicolon connects something. You use a colon to: introduce a list, introduce a quote, and introduce another sentence or explanation. A semicolon is used to connect something, such as the following: connect independent clauses, connect independent clauses with a transition, and connect items that have commas.

We also learned some new vocabulary from the book we’re currently reading, The Giver by Lois Lowry. It is about a utopian society, but compared to our community it is really dystopian. This week there was also something called flash forward. Each grade moved up a grade to see what it was like in the grade above. Sixth grade had Language Arts. We played Jeopardy, Language Arts edition.

7th Grade Getting Ready to  Write Persuasively by: Ava J.

This week we had not as much class as usual. This Monday was President’s Day, so we had no school. We started our week on Tuesday. During our Special Rotation class, we read the book The Night of the Burning. The Night of the Burning is an extremely good book. It is a book that takes place right after WWI. It is based off a true story of two girls named Devorah and Nechama. In class we will soon start working on persuasive writing. Our class made a huge list of things that could make schools safer. Then on Wednesday, we chose two things from our list. Then, we broke into two groups. After, we made a list of Pros and Cons for the things we chose.

In Language Arts we are learning about verb tense. We started working with our table partner(s) on a verb tense worksheet. On Thursday, our schedule got complicated. An African Music “band” called Crocodile River Music came to our school to teach us how to do African drums. So middle school was scheduled to see the group at the time of our second Language Arts class, so we only had one class on Thursday. During our one class we finished up the verb tense worksheet. Then Friday, we took a test/quiz on verb tenses.

The Verb Always Agrees by: Isa Z.

As the new quarter began, we finished up To Kill a Mockingbird and started to get into our next class book. This time, we get to pick which book we want to read. The three we chose from were: Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper, Sophia’s War by Avi, and The Berlin Boxing Club by Rob Sharenow. We all chose the book we wanted to read and got into groups to make a presentation. Mrs. Teitelbaum gave us some key things to research about and put into our presentation. After we were done, each group presented their presentation. Each book occurred at a different time. Copper Sun was around the early 1700’s and features a story about African American slaves. Sophia’s War was around the late 1700’s and features a story about an American spy during the Revolutionary War. The Berlin Boxing Club was around the 1930’s and 1940’s and features a story about a teen with Jewish ancestry during the Nazi Germany time period. Today, we’ll be starting our books.

Our class is also continuing to learn about subject and verb agreement and applying the rules to sentences. For example, a verb must agree in numbers with its subject. “The dog chases the cat” is a correct sentence because both the subject (dog) and the verb (chases) are singular and therefore agree in numbers. Another example is that a prepositional phrase will never contain the subject of a sentence. In the sentence “The group of dogs are playing outside”, the subject can’t be in of dogs so the subject is group. Are is not the correct verb, therefore making the sentence incorrect. The correct version is “The group of dogs is playing outside.”

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