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6th Grade Update by: Jacob M.

In language arts this week, we have just started The Giver.  The book is about a boy who lives in a community and he has to go to a ceremony. The ceremony is when the twelve year olds find out what job they are getting. Then, they have to start training for their job. The community has many strange rules.

On Wednesday, George’s mom came in and showed us some trailers for some new books for the library.  We had twizzlers and popcorn for snacks. We are learning about semi-colons and colons in grammar. Here are some examples: I’d like to come; unfortunately, I have baseball practice tonight. The semicolon comes after come because it has two independent clauses and a transition word. The builders job is to make things; the plumbers job is to fix things. We put the semicolon after things because we have two independent clauses.

Super Seventh Grade by: Daisy H.

We had a very fun week in language arts! Seventh grade has two classes with Mrs.T- Jewish Literature and Language Arts. This week we have a been focusing on our book The Night of Burning by Linda Press Wulf and shifts in verb tense. Night of the Burning is about the aftermath of World War I in the perspective of a 12 year old, Devorah. The book switches from 1921 to 1915. Devorah and her sister Nechama are two of the 200 orphans Isaac Ochberg took to South Africa after the war. The book tells their story in a thrilling, exciting and enjoyable way. Along with the book, we have vocabulary words that we work on. We have also been working on shifts in verb tense in grammar.

There are four rules for shifts in verb tense: 1. Simple tense consistency-when writing about two events which occur at the same time, use the same tense, 2. Avoiding unnecessary shifts-avoid unnecessary shifts in tenses at either the sentence or paragraph level. Stay consistent unless you have a good reason for shifting tenses, 3. “If + PRESENT TENSE, then FUTURE TENSE-sometimes you are writing about a conditional event. IN OTHER WORDS, IF such and such happens, THEN this will happen. When a conditional event occurs in the present, then the result will occur in the present, 4. IF + PAST TENSE, then “would…”-sometimes you are writing about a hypothetical event. In other words, IF such and such happened, THEN this would have occured. When discussing a hypothetical event that might have occurred in the past, you must use “would” to describe the possible result.

We also did some bellwork; it is just like a little bit of everything-grammar, spelling, figurative language etc. We took a quiz on the vocabulary words of chapter one and two of Night of the Burning. Also on Tuesday, Mrs.Setzer came to our classroom to show us some book trailers for awesome new books in the library.

Wednesday- On Wednesday, Mrs.Burkhart came in to do a fun food lab with us. In science class we are learning the different plate boundaries, so Mrs.Burkhart helped us understand it better. We are learning about divergent, convergent and transform boundaries so, we used graham crackers to help us!

We had a fun-filled week in Mrs.Teitelbaum’s class! Stay tuned ‘till next week!

8th Grade Update by: Julia D.

In the beginning of this week in 8th Grade Language Arts, we shared our To Kill A Mockingbird  projects. We each had to do two projects: a writing project and a creative project. For my writing project, I wrote an essay about the blind spots of characters from the book. For my creative project, I made a board game that showed the timeline of the story. We chose one of our projects to share to the class.

On Wednesday, we had a special guest come to the class. Mrs. Setzer came and told us about some new books at the school library. We watched book trailers for five books that she told us about. On Thursday, we chose a book we wanted to read in class for the next nine weeks. The options were: Sophia’s War, Copper Sun, and The Berlin Boxing Club. These are all Historical Fiction novels, so we began to research the time period of the book we chose to read. Overall, this was a busy, exciting week in 8th Grade Language Arts!

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