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Commas and Colons Collide for 6th Grade by: George S.

This week we in language Arts we are stating a new unit: Colons and Semi-colons! Our class, 6th grade, just finished commas, so now we’re onto another unit.  Colons are used as a stop, and then they introduce something. Semicolons are used as a stop, and then they connect independent clauses. For example: “ Cory told us to stay here while he gathers the following items: a blanket, a Harambe stuffed animal, and a lantern.” That is how you use a colon to introduce a list. You can use a semicolon to separate items in a series. For example: “Last summer my friend went to Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York; and Richmond, Virginia.” This method allows you to not get confused with all of the commas.

We also are preparing to read the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. We have gotten a list of vocabulary words for the first chapter of the book. We worked on finding the part of speech, definition, and writing our own context sentences.  We also got to do something different with our words this time: word art. Word art is when you take the word and make the meaning of the word into a picture. It’s less confusing then it sounds. After all that you add the meaning and synonyms to it and then you get to decorate it! My word art picture is below.

7th Grade by: Eva G.

This week was filled with fun! To start off the week, Anna, Ava, Moe, and Ariel all went to Regional Science Fair! They all did amazing. On Tuesday,, we started our new book called Night of the Burning. We also were taught about how a picture including the word can actually help us to remember the word and what it means. We also started our new vocabulary unit on tenses. On Thursday, we read our book Night of the Burning.

Summary of Night of the Burning:It goes back and forth between 1915-1916 in the past and 1921 as the present. It is about two girls named Devorah and Nechama. They lost their parent from typhoid fever in 1916. Now they are in Pinsk, Poland. We have been introduced to Isaac Ochberg who has come from South Africa to save 200 children who have also lost their parents in the night of the burning.

Have a good weekend everyone.

The Mockingbird Movie by: Jack H.

In 8th grade Language Arts this past week, we learned about verbs agreeing in number with their subject. What this means is that in a sentence like The boys run across the field,  you would not say The boys runs across the field, because boys, the subject, is plural, so the verb must agree in number with it.

We also finished our To Kill a Mockingbird projects, which are viewable on our individual blogs. We were to do two projects, one of which was a longer writing project, and the other was a more creative project that gave us options other than just writing. Lastly, we  watched the To Kill a Mockingbird movie. It is a classic film of the book we recently finished that was released in 1962, just two years after the book was published.

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