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The Middle School was able to meet Stanlee Stahl, the Executive VP of The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous in NYC on Thursday.  Stahl taught the students how the Christians and Muslims risked their lives to save Jews from death camps during the Holocaust.

Enjoy all of the pictures from our mitzvah trip to the Nutritional Gardens last week for TuB’Shevat, our trip to The Coves for the annual TuB’Shevat sedar, and the 7th graders’ presentations.









Another Great Week in 6th Grade! by: Elliana T.

This week in language arts, my class worked on an essay.  This essay was about our book that we read together.  We read the book Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz.  The book was based on the Holocaust.  It was about a boy named Yanek who went through ten concentration camps and a ghetto.  Then we had to write about what we thought was the worst place for Yanek. You can check all of the sixth grade blogs to see our essays.

We also had a quiz this week.  The quiz was about commas.  We have been learning about commas for a while now and I’m sure we all did great!  We also had a speaker, Stanlee Stahl, come to talk to us about Righteous Gentiles.  Righteous Gentiles are non-Jewish rescuers that risked their lives to hide the Jews from the Nazis.  These people were a big part of the Holocaust and helped the Jews a lot.  Just another great week  for the sixth grade! (see picture at the top)

Successful 7th Grade by: Anna F.

It has been a busy week in 7th grade!  In the beginning of the week, we made presentations about World War I and the aftermath.  We did this to prepare to read The Night Of The Burning by Linda Press Wolf, which we started to read on Thursday.  To further prepare to read the book, we looked at the vocabulary for the first chapter.  Also, we made a tree to put on our class door, out of recycled materials, as part of a contest for Tu B’Shvat (the birthday of the trees).  Throughout the week, we additionally learned about subject- verb agreement which we had a quiz on Friday.  Here are the rules for subject- verb agreement.

The first rule is that the verb must agree with its subject.  For example: The doctor (sit/sits) in the chair.  Since there is only one doctor and he is the subject, the verb must agree and be singular, making the verb sits.

The second rule is that a subject and verb that are separated must agree.  For example: The girl (buy/ buys) a soda.  The subject is the girl and and the verb is buy/buys. They are separated but the subject is singular.  This means the verb is buys.

The third rule is that compound subjects joined by and take plural verbs.  A present tense verb does not end in s.  For example: Elizabeth and her sisters (are/is) at school.  Elizabeth and her sisters are the subjects and they have the word “and” in them.  This means they are compound subjects and have a plural verb, so the verb is are.                                                                                                            

In “either/ or” situations, the verb must agree with the subject nearest to the verb.  For example: Neither Dr. Murphy or Dr. Melendez (want/wants) to do the surgery.  The answer is wants because Dr. Melendez is the nearest subject to the verb and it’s singular.

The final rule is if the subject of the sentence is a singular indefinite pronoun like the words “each or every”, then use a singular verb form.  For example: Each of the girls (eat/eats) a popsicle.  Each is an indefinite pronoun, so the answer would be the singular verb.  The singular verb is eats.

Shabbat Shalom!  Have a good weekend!





Martin 8th Grade Tribune

By Austin G.

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! Today we are going to talk about what’s going on in the best class in the whole entire school. Now the top things I’m going to talk about is drum roll please …………………….we have finally finished To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The book is told by a little girl named Scout and the whole story is about how her big brother, Jem, broke his arm. In the book you will also read how racist people were in the 1930s.

Now we are working on a project for To Kill A Mockingbird. We were given multiple choices for our projects and had to choose two of them. For example, create Scout’s scrapbook with all the important things that happened to her in the book. Also we can do a news article from the Maycomb Tribune or we can create a game board of the town of Maycomb.The project that I chose is Scout’s scrapbook and the news article. We are also going have a test on the words from To Kill A Mockingbird and a comprehension test.

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