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The Best Two Weeks Ever In 8th Grade

By Austin G

Welcome to the 8th grade blog post on what happened these two past weeks! First off, what are we reading? We are reading The Book Thief and we are almost done with it! The Book Thief Is about what life was like for a little girl during life in Nazi Germany, and the story is told by Death. Also in vocab, we are learning difficult words in The Book Thief.

Now for grammar, we are learning about how and where to use commas in sentences.The reason why we are learning about commas is we need to know how to use them in our classes in the future. It will help us read more clearly, write better, and understand text better.

Next is our projects, last week we were just starting to build our “Part of Speech” games and they are even better than Monopoly. We started out was just looking up information for our questions, then making the board game and characters, and finally creating the directions. That is all for the Best Two “Short” Weeks In 8th Grade!





We finally finished our games and wrote reflections about the game process.  Check out our blogs to read our reflections. This past week, we finally finished our book The Book Thief and we got to enjoy watching the movie and eating popcorn on Thursday and Friday in class.

6th Grade by: Evan W

In 6th grade Language Arts, we learned about verbs. There are action verbs: a verb that expresses physical or mental actions, like hit. We’ve also learned about linking verbs:  a verb that connects the subject with words that describe or identify it, like has. There are also helping verbs: a verb that works with the main verb to make a verb phrase, like am. Another word we learned is a verbal; it is a form of verb that does not function as a verb.

We also took a quiz on what we’re doing for verbs; it was just like what our usual verb practice has been everyday, but harder because it was our last one.

We all know a song to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down” for all the helping verbs.

We’ve started reading a book called Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. It is about this girl named Winnie. She meets a family, the Tucks. They are immortal and they tell her how they’re immortal. They become really good friends. Every time we read Tuck Everlasting we complete a short summary paper with a thought provoking question to make sure we are comprehending it. 

We also took a quiz on what we’re doing for verbs it was just like what our usual verb practice but harder because it was our last one.

Spectacular 7th Grade! by: Anna F.

We have learned a lot over the past three weeks in 7th grade!  As you may know, this year my class is participating in science fair.  To prepare for science fair, our class has to write a research paper.  The first few steps to writing a research paper, as Eva previously said, are to find resources, make citations, make a works cited page, and take notes on the articles you chose.  During the first two days back from Yom Kippur, we finished taking notes on all the articles, wrote our outline for the paper, and for bellwork reviewed the uses of commas.  On Wednesday, we learned how to make in-text citations by writing the first part of your citation, whether it is the author’s last name or the first few words of the title of the article in quotation marks and the page number if it is a magazine article online.

When we returned to school the following week, we learned how to write an introduction for our research paper, looked at examples from previous students, and starting writing it.  At first it was challenging to think of what to write because we couldn’t use personal pronouns, but we all got the hang of it pretty quickly.  We also reviewed some skills such as prefixes and suffixes and analogies.  Lastly, this week, we finished the rough draft of our research papers and reviewed idioms, figurative language, vocabulary squares, and sentence fragments.  Have a great weekend! 

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