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A Week in the Life of An 8th Grade Language Arts Student by: Abigail F.

This week in 8th-grade language arts we reviewed some of our topics from last year. Last year, we finished off the year with punctuation rules. We have been reviewing semicolon and comma rules. The comma rules include when to use them and the semicolon includes run-on sentences.

Ex.(comma in a series of three or more items)

I want to get apples, pears, and cat food.

Ex. (semicolon in a run-on sentence)

Bob likes steak; Billy likes vegetables.

We also continued reading The Book Thief this week. Currently, Liesel and Rudy are fourteen years old. We are in the middle of World War II and both of Liesel and Rudy’s fathers are about to be shipped off to war.

Next, our board game assignment is to be completed by the end of this week or early next week. We are creating board games about parts of speech assigned to us. We are 3D Printing our game pieces and using Google Draw or making the boards using technology or by hand. For example, one group is doing a chutes and ladders type game while another is making a model of the wall from the television game show, “The Wall”.

Friday is a half day because of Yom Kippur. Have a great weekend!

Learning About Science Fair-7th-By:Eva G

This week in language arts we have been learning about science fair requirements.We also learned how to take notes for our research paper. We learned that from each paragraph there is really only one main fact. So, once we know the fact, we have to try to come up with a sentence or two about the fact. We have to paraphrase the information or use our own words. That we we don’t plagiarize. That is why we have http://www.thesaurus.com. It helps us come up with other synonyms and antonyms.  We can only have one fact per note card. We have also been going to the library for lessons how to find appropriate sources, how to do citations for our sources, and how to complete the work cited page. We also reviewed the comma usage rules in grammar.

6th grade

  • We worked on verbs-learning the differences between action,linking and helping verbs

Action Verb~a word used to show an action

Linking Verbs~verbs that indicate a state of being

am is are was were be been being

look smell seem appear taste sound feel

Helping Verbs~a verb that works with a main verb to create a verb phrase

am is are was were be been being have has had do does did can may will

could should might would shall must

We also learned a song to help us remember our helping verbs to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”

We started our personal narratives and will be finishing those next week.  We also will be starting our first class novel, Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

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