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A clip from Samantha and Arin’s video:

6th Grade

What did we do this week?

  • We finished Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie; we all loved it and are writing essays about the book
  • We had 3 choices to write about: write an epilogue, write a journal entry summarizing the entire year of the main character, or write every detail about our favorite scene in the story
  • We all made a Quizlet to review the vocabulary words for the book and then we practiced them daily until we knew all of the words

We will be back in January and ready to start our new novel study on The Giver!

7th Grade

We finally finished reading Freak the Mighty.  We had a big discussion on whether or not we thought Max’s dad was guilty or not and why.  We all found out at the end, but only one person in our class had made the right assumption.  Most of the class loved the book, and many of us are planning to read the sequel, Max the Mighty.  There is a movie to the book, so hopefully we can still watch it in class.

We all made a Quizlet to review the vocabulary words for Freak the Mighty and then we practiced them until we knew all of the words.  We sent Mrs. Teitelbaum a screen shot of our test score once we got a 90% or higher.

Our second AR was completed this week and we will be starting a new novel study in January on Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.

8th Grade

This week in language arts we worked on our figurative language projects which were due on Wednesday.  The examples of figurative language we used in our projects were similes, onomatopoeia, alliteration, hyperboles, metaphors, oxymorons and more.  We also read a couple of chapters from the book Dad is Fat.

Projects included clips from movies with figurative language, clips from songs with figurative language, original stories written by students with examples, clips from Broadway shows with examples, and even hand made board games.  Everyone did an amazing job!

A small clip from Ariella’s figurative language video and a slide from Maiah’s project::





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