Dazzling December


Enjoy the pictures from our turkey deliveries, our VIP day, and our annual mitzvah trip to the cemetery to clean the tombstones

6th Grade

On Monday, we took the star reading test to see how we have improved in our reading. I had an easy time on the test, but other people didn’t. We also got a new word of the week,  dichotomy, which means a division or contrast between two things.  On Tuesday, we read our book Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie, and continued to add new words to our growing vocabulary list. We also learned some figurative language terms: hyperbole and simile.  We found several examples in the book and wrote some of our own. On Friday our vocabulary words were due so we went over the words and then continued to read Drums Girls and Dangerous Pieby: Ava


7th Grade

On Monday, we took the star reading test to see how we have improved in our reading. We also got a new word of the week,  clemency, which means leniency.  On Tuesday, we started reading a new book Freak the Mighty, and we began to learn about the characters and make some predictions. We now know about the two main characters Freak, or Kevin, and Maxwell, or the Mighty.  They are both very interesting characters. We have also been working on figurative language examples and were able to identify several in a passage.  On Friday, we discussed our new vocabulary words and shared our creative sentences.



8th Grade

In language arts class this week, after taking our STAR reading test on Monday, we learned our new word of the week, flippant (non-serious or disrespectful). We have been working on expository essays. We made a graphic organizer on a topic  approved by Mrs. Teitelbaum. Each student then had to write an essay on their topic. We also did a vocabulary list on prefixes. Practicing figurative language has been one of our morning warm ups this week, as well as, main idea and grammar review of semi-colons. Overall we had a good week with our amazing teacher. by: Jona






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