There is More Treasure in Books Than All the Loot on Treasure Island~Walt Disney

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-8-32-17-amAll middle school students will have a vocabulary quiz next Friday.  Also all middle school students should have completed their second independent novel by next Friday.

6th Grade

Hi! My name is Daisy and I am the blogger this week for 6th grade. We had a very productive week. We did reading and writing. The word of the week is callous. Callous means showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.

On Monday and Wednesday we continued our book Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis.  I absolutely love this book. It is about a little boy and his “Weirdo Watson” family. The Watsons live in Flint, Michigan. I am still not sure why it is called The Watsons Go to Birmingham because it hasn’t mentioned anything about Birmingham (yet). I recommend this book to everyone!

On Tuesday  and Thursday we continued peer checking our personal narratives. Mine is about when I did a two mile parade at camp. Some people met with Mrs. Teitelbaum and Miss.Davis to conference and most are publishing their narratives now.

In grammar, we reviewed adjectives.  We also continue to review nouns, verbs and helping verbs.  We have our next “root word” quiz next week.

7th Grade

Our word of the week was bibliophile. A bibliophile is a person who has a great love of books.
We continued reading The Outsiders. We just completed chapter six. In chapter six, Johnny and Ponyboy rescue some kids from inside a burning church. They are taken to the hospital after they are injured. There, Ponyboy sees his brothers and he shares the story of how they got there with a man named Jerry. Jerry was the teacher whose students were in the church when it began to burn. Jerry was very understanding and agreed with Ponyboy when he said that it was just self-defense.
We also have our next vocabulary quiz on October 7.  Most of us our ready to publish our first narratives.   Abigail

8th Grade

This week in Language Arts we learned about predicate nominatives. A predicate nominative completes a linking verb and renames the subject. In a sentence, the linking verb can be replaced with the word equals. For example, my mom is a person… is can be replaced with the word equals (my mom equals a person). Person, in this example, would be the predicate nominative.

We also continue reading our class novels and hope to be completing them within the next two weeks.

Our next root word quiz is next week. Did you know that ped or pod means foot?  That’s where the words podiatrist and pedestrian come from.

Eliana Jscreen-shot-2016-09-30-at-8-33-17-am

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