A Book is Like a Garden, Carried in the Pocket….Chinese Proverb

6th Grade

My name is Ava, I’m in sixth (6th) grade, I love to write, and I’m the blogger this week. On Monday, we got our word of the week- botanist: to study plants in a scientific way; example: I think botanists are lucky because they get to look at pretty plants for a living and study them.

We also read chapter 5 of The Watson’s go to Birmingham, before we read we had to split into our groups. My group did a review of chapter 4 for us to remember, and because someone in our group left early on Friday.

On Tuesday, we went over our personal narratives with our partners; everyone  worked with other classmates on writing. We continued that till the end of the class period. Then on Wednesday, we read chapter 6 of The Watson’s go to Birmingham, after that we answered the questions for the chapter. Thursday, we started class out by going over the work sheet reviewing nouns and verbs from the day before and getting a new one; after that we did a final check with our partners, and had to discuss our analysis of our partner’s story with them. Friday, was picture day and our vocabulary test.  Ava

7th Grade

It was quite an interesting week in seventh grade! We finished chapters two, three, and four of The Outsiders, and we worked a lot on our short stories. Our word of the week for this week was apathy or lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.  Example: The child showed much apathy for the game of chess. Jack

8th Grade

This week in language arts we learned some new words. We had a new vocabulary list with new root words. Some of these words are, gon, graph, min, and mega/magna. We also continued reading our class novels. Half of our class continued The Endless Steppe. The other half continued The Book Thief. We had a new word of the week, which was arbitrator. On Friday we took the test on our vocabulary. I had sooo much fun. Ayden

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