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Weekly Update in Middle School Language Arts

6th Grade

Hi! My name is Anna and I’m the blogger this week.

This week in Language Arts the 6th grade was been busy. On Monday our class did word of the week which was  agile. Agile means being able to move quickly and it is an adjective. An example is: A cheetah is agile because they run really fast. After that, we got into our groups and continued reading the book The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. 

On Tuesday we learned about proper and common nouns. After that we continued writing our personal narratives. A personal narrative is a real story you write yourself about yourself. My personal narrative is about the time my dad got into a car crash. The crash was really scary. Eliana’s is about a camping trip she experienced at her camp.
On Wednesday we didn’t have class because the whole middle school went to Bolles to see a play about bullying.  It was a fabulous show!
On Thursday we continued reading The Watson’s Go to Birmingham in our groups. In my group we took turns reading pages. We didn’t have time to answer the questions about that chapter, so we are going to do that next week.
On Friday we worked on our first drafts for our Personal Narratives and got assigned partners for peer checking.
By:Anna F

7th Grade

In our class we have continued reading The Outsiders. We have been working on our rough drafts for our fictional narratives.  Some of us have even finished our drafts and have started to peer conference.  Our word of the week was allure, which is a verb that means to attract powerfully or charm.  Sample sentence: Promises of a large profit, allured the investor into giving his money.  We also worked on our new vocabulary words this week.  We will have a test next week.

8th Grade

This week our ‘word of the week’ was anonymity which is a noun that means the quality of being unknown.   An example sentence is: An author who is not releasing her name is maintaining anonymity.

 On Tuesday, we had a Social Media Slip Up.  Mrs. Teitelbaum gave us a piece of paper that had a tweet that was written by a celebrity who used very bad grammar, and we had to rewrite the tweet using correct grammar.  

On Wednesday we were given a short paragraph about clowns and how their job is not all fun and games and how being a clown is scary.  We had to write down the main idea of the paragraph and think of an appropriate title for the paragraph.  

On Thursday we reviewed the week’s vocabulary.  The test is next Friday and we will be tested on these words: polygon, pentagon, graduate, progress, biography, geography, inject, subject, conjunction, junction, location, local, manual, manufacture, megaphone, magnify, thermometer, barometer, minority, minute.  (root words are gon, grad, gress, graph, ject, junct, loc, manu, mega, meter and min) We will have to know the definition of the words, the root of the word, and how to spell each word.  

We also continued to read our class novels The Endless Steppe and The Book Thief. We have been working on our comprehension packets for each book. I hope everyone had a great week!  Shabbat Shalom!  Ariella T

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