What is a Euphemism?

6th Grade

7th2This week we continued reading Drums, Girls, Dangerous Pie. Steven found out that his brother really has leukemia, and had needles stuck everywhere in his body. Steven’s mom yelled at his dad and everything went out of control! Stay with us next time when Benjamin gives you the update!

This week we have been learning about commas. Here is an example:

  • My friend Julia, the one wearing her mitzvah shirt, loves brownies.
That is the comma where the phase the one wearing her mitzvah shirt is not really necessary.

When you make a list you need to put commas in between.

  • I like kittens, puppies, and hamsters.
  • Let’s eat Abigail! That sounds like you are eating her so you place a comma in between.
  • Let’s eat, Abigail.

By: Samantha L

7th Grade



This week, we worked on quite a few things including figurative language, finding the main idea, and using context clues. We learned the differences between metaphors, similes, hyperbole, and personification. We’ve also been practicing on identifying main ideas and including context clues in sentences. By: Julia

7th38th Grade

We learned about irony this week.  Irony is an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.  There are three types of irony: dramatic, situational, and verbal.  We looked at several examples for each type and then we discussed examples in our class novel The Sunflower.  We also learned about euphemisms. A euphemism is the act of substituting a mild or vague term to conceal a term that is considered harsh or offensive.  We found several examples from both our class novels, The Sunflower and After.


  • bath houses~gas chambers
  • disinfection~gassing
  • “Final Solution”~murdering all of the Jews
  • Concentration Camp~death or work camp

This week we have continued reading the book After by Francine Prose. We are at a very intense part of the book where Dr. Willner is yelling at the students in the school because someone wrote graffiti on the front of the building. He sets a curfew for the high school students and won’t let up until someone tells him  who did it. I am really enjoying this book and I think the whole class is too. I recommended it to Mrs. Teitelbaum, and I’m glad I did because we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what will happen next.

By: Elior

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