Fun Times in February

6th Grade

This week, we have continued reading the book Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. The little brother has leukemia which is a type of cancer. He has to go to Philadelphia with his mom, which leaves the main character and his dad alone in the house.  By: Ben

austin noam

In class, we started preparing for the ITBS tests by doing review exercises in punctuation, capitalization, and correct word usage. We also worked on quotes and how to correctly write them. We worked in groups to create our own examples and shared them with the class. By: Jack

7th Grade

We are still reading the book The Colossus Rises and it has taken  an interesting turn. The main character got taken to some weird facility and then tried to escape somehow he found a helicopter, but then he was knocked out.  When he awoke he was told that he will most likely die before he turns fifteen in two years.  That is all we know for now.

By: Evan 7 A

This week we have been working on a packet that has punctuation, capitalization, and word usage. We learned how to do all of these skills before, but we were reintroduced to them by Mrs. Teitelbaum. Overall the class did good and I think that we will all do great on the ITBS tests coming up. Our class will continue doing great in LA thanks to our great teacher Mrs. Teitelbaum. By: Josh    7B

Our class has been reading the book Rain Reign By Ann Martin. This book is about a girl named Rose that has Aspergers and she loves homonyms, homophones, prime numbers, and her dog, Rain. One day a big hurricane comes, and Rose loses Rain. Will she find her? Read Rain Reign By Ann Martin to find out. We have also been working on ITBS prep. We reviewed context clues, capitalization, and punctuation. By: Samantha   7C

8th Grade

This week, 8th grade worked on ITBS preparation. We have reviewed character traits, context clues, and punctuation. We also did a grammar practice on the website Noredink. This practice and review was about comma usage. We are still reading the book After and have started our novel study on The Sunflower. By: Jamie

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