Week in Review

6th Grade

This week we finished our persuasive essays. If you would like to see them visit our blogs today. One was on homework, another on cell phones in school, one on homeschooling, one on stereotyping, one on Orca Whales, one on sports being required. There was also one on how theater is important, another on smoking should be illegal, one on should the death penalty be allowed and one on schools starting later.

This week we continued to read a little of Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie. It was about a flashback Steven had about being his little brother Jeffrey’s protector. By: Samantha L

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Pics taken at Feeding America~Friday’s mitzvah trip

7th Grade

This week my class continued and finished working on our persuasive essays.  We worked on the later paragraphs and finished our Works Cited pages.  Among the many topics were “Should marijuana be legal?”, “Should guns be banned?”, and “Should kids be separated by ability in school?”  The essays were very convincing. You can read them on our blogs.  Most have been posted and others will be posted by Tuesday. by: Ayden I


8th Grade

This week 8th grade has been working on polishing up our grammar and reading skills. We have been working on review packets in preparation for our ITBS standardized tests, which we will be taking next month. We have been practicing punctuation, word usage, capitalization, and spelling by fixing sentences that have been written incorrectly. We have also started our next novel study on The Sunflower with Morah Eta and Mrs. Teitelbaum.  We went over our first set of vocabulary words in class today.  by: Jamie B

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