Argument Essays

6th Grade

We learned about conjunctions and identified them in sentences.  We also worked on a class essay on the positive effects of competitive sports after completing a class debate on the topic.  We will start researching our own argument topics this week.  We are reading Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick aloud in class.

7th Grade

 This week our class worked on persuasive essays. We have been researching topics. We started picking topics and finding the pros and cons of each topic.  Next week we will begin our opening arguments.   We will also be moving into the body of the essay.   by: Ayden I

The other classes worked on completing “class” essays on the topic “Are Competitive Sports Good for Kids?” The classes also learned about direct objects and identified them in sentences.  Each seventh grade class is reading a different novel as a read aloud. (Rain, Reign by: Ann Martin; A Night Divided by Nielson; Colossus Rises by: Peter Lerangis)

8th Grade

This week, 8th grade practiced putting participle phrases into sentences. We worked on combining two sentences, one of which has a participle phrase, by putting the participle phrase in the correct place and rearranging a sentence so that the phrase made sense. We also prepared to write our argument essays. We researched our topic on both sides of the argument and began our drafts after completing a practice on the topic of Violent Video Games.

Our class read aloud is After by Prose.

By: Jamie B

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