Happy Hanukkah!

6th Grade

Last week we completed projects involving the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.  Since we finished the book we had to complete three projects of our choice.  Some of us wrote Winnie’s diary entries for three days, some of us wrote a new alternate ending to the novel, and some of us wrote about Tuck’s family.  We had fun writing them and they are posted on our blogs if you want to read them.  We also got to create maps, commercials, dioramas, and more which we are sharing in class.  We can’t wait to watch the movie this week.


7th Grade

Last week in language arts, we started our assignments for finishing The Outsiders. The first assignment was to write a news article on Bob’s death or an article on the church fire. We had to include: who? what? where? when? and why? Our second assignment was with partners. We could choose between making a casting list of who should play the characters, a song list to fit the book, or creating a new modern plot for movie. We presented on Monday and are watching the movie this week.


8th Grade

This week in language arts we finished The Book Thief. Some of us finished earlier in the week and started our essays about the book.  We are preparing for a vocabulary test on all of the words for the book.  We also are going to take the AR test this week and watch the movie.

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