All Great Novels Come to an End!

6th Grade

This week we finished the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. We learned that The Man in the Yellow Suit died and Mae was sent to jail. Winnie and the rest of the Tucks break Mae out of jail, and Winnie volunteers to go in and take her place. Later, in the epilogue we learned that Winnie did not take Jesse’s offer to drink the water and get married. We are now working on a variety of projects for the book Tuck Everlasting.  Many of us have decided to write a new ending to the book.  Stay tuned to read some of our stories. Jack H


7th Grade

This week in language arts we worked on parts of speech.  Mrs. Teitelbaum wrote sentences on the board and then we wrote down the parts of speech for each word.  There will be a quiz on parts of speech coming up soon.  This week we also finished our class read aloud, The Outsiders. Next week we will be writing  newspaper articles like we were there when either Bob died, or when there was a fire in the church! Stay tuned to read some of the articles. Ariella T

This week in Language Arts, we finished The Outsiders. Chapter nine starts off on the day of the big Greasers vs. Socials rumble. The Greasers win and Dally and Ponyboy go to the hospital to tell Johnny. Soon after they arrive, Johnny dies. Dally runs off, and Ponyboy wanders the streets until a kind man offered him a ride. Back at home, Ponyboy and the others find out that Dally has robbed a bank and the cops are chasing him. Dally asks them to meet him in a vacant lot. The cops arrive and Dally takes out his gun. The cops shoot and kill Dally. A bit later, a hearing is held to see whether or not Ponyboy is in trouble for running away and if he can stay with his brothers. The judge says that Ponyboy will not face charges and is allowed to stay with Soda and Darry. In the last chapter, Ponyboy is failing his English class. His teacher tells him that he won’t fail if he writes an essay. So, it turns out, the whole book is Ponyboy’s English paper.

Jasmine M.

8th Grade

My language arts class is continuing to read the Book Thief and we are on part nine. Every day this week, those of us who have already read the book are given different assignments to do. We are given questions about the deeper meanings of parts of the book and have to answer them. Some of the assignments are essays. For one assignment, we had to write an essay on three main themes in the book. I chose the themes determination, transitions, sympathy and cruelness. On another assignment, we had to write about abandonment in the book and how Liesel equated love with abandonment. We will probably be finished with the Book Thief next week. Zoe M.

We also practiced parts of speech this week.  We had to identify the parts of speech words in a sentence.  Interjections, pronouns, nouns, verbs, helping verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives and adverbs were all included in our practice sentences.

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