Time to be Thankful

6th Grade

This week we continued the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. We learned that Mae hit the man in the yellow suit upside the head with a shotgun, and he passes out just in time for the constable to see it all. He arrests Mae for attempted murder, and says that if the man in the yellow suit dies; she was going to the gallows.

Now, If you have read the book than you would know that Mae Tuck can’t die. She is immortal. If she goes to the gallows she won’t die, and people would know that she is immortal, and that would be a disaster. Winnie and the Tucks realize this, and make a plan to get Mae out of jail.

By: Jack H.

In grammar, we continued to learn about adverbs. We learned how to change some adjectives into adverbs.  See some examples below.

Basic words just add -ly:   soft becomes softly

Words that end in -y you change the y to i and ly: happy becomes happily

Words that end in -le you drop the e and add y: horrible becomes horribly

Words that end in -ic you add -ally: drastic becomes drastically

7th Grade

We have continued to read the classic novel The Outsiders in our class. Chapter Five starts off with Ponyboy and Johnny hiding in the church because Johnny killed the Soc. In order to disguise themselves, Johnny bleaches Ponyboy’s hair. After about a week, Dally shows up with a letter from Sodapop. Johnny decides he wants to turn himself in so Dally takes them home. On the way home, they drive past the church they had been staying at and it’s on fire. Ponyboy thinks that he caused the fire by smoking cigarettes so they go to the church. Near the church, they see children and one of the adults tells them a few kids are missing. Pony and Johnny rescue the kids, but the roof collapses. Ponyboy wakes up in the hospital and Soda and Darry visit him. A doctor says that Dally was mildly burned, but Johnny might not make it. We left off when Ponyboy finds out that even if Johnny lives, he will always be crippled.

By: Jasmine M

This week in Language Arts we worked on correlative and subordinate conjunctions.  Correlative conjunctions are always in pairs, either-or, neither-or, both-and, not only-but also, whether-or.  The subordinate conjunctions are after, although, as, as if, because, before, since, so that, than, unless, until, when, where, and while.

By: Ariella T

This week we learned about conjunctions again. We learned about subordinate conjunctions. Some of those would be after, although, because, as, as if, if, and more. On Wednesday, we took a short quiz on conjunctions.
By: Eliana J

8th Grade

This week our class finished Part 4 of the Book Thief and are now starting on Part 5. We are learning a lot about figurative language and vocabulary. The Book Thief uses very rich vocabulary, so, to make sure that we understand everything that we are reading, we do weekly vocabulary assignments. And, today we finished taking a test on Parts 3 and 4 vocabulary words. By: Channah T.

This week in Language Arts we focused on two things: The Book Thief and grammar review. For our grammar review Mrs. Teitelbaum would write sentences on the board, and we would have to label each word and say whether it was an adjective, noun, preposition, etc. For The Book Thief, we answered questions that had to do with the part of the book we were at. Some of the questions that were asked would question us what literary device was being used, critical thinking, or our opinion about a quote or event that occurred in the book. In conclusion we did grammar reviews and we continued to work on The Book Thief. By: Rebecca B

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