Adjectives, Prepositions and Conjunctions

6th Grade:

In LA class, we finally finished our first “read aloud” Flying Solo. We continued to learn about adjectives and we now know that sometimes pronouns, nouns, and verb forms can be used as adjectives in a sentence.  We are starting our first class novel next week on Tuck Everlasting.

examples of adjectives:  the howling wolf; Dan’s boat; his car

7th Grade:

Our seventh grade class has been extremely busy working on our science fair research.  We have completed our Works Cited pages and most of our notecards.  All of our notecards are due by Monday, so then we can start writing our rough drafts. We have a rough draft check on October 16; then our complete rough draft is due the following week.  We will hopefully start reading our first class novel, The Outsiders, during the week of October 19.

8th Grade:

During the last two weeks in language arts, we did a few new things in grammar. Last week we learned about prepositions and superlative adjectives. This week we learned about conjunctions. Prepositions are words that connect noun, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs together. Superlatives are words relating to the form of adjectives and adverbs. Conjunctions are words used to connect clauses. By: Zachary S

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