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Character Day
We had a great day learning about character strengths.  


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8th Grade Recap

This week in Mrs. Teitelbaum’s class we learned a few things. First, we focused on adjectives. We learned how adjectives can modify a noun in a sentence. We also learned about comparative and superlative adjectives. In writing, we are working on being journalists. We observed a class and wrote about what we saw and tried to make it sound like a journalist. We also were making our narratives into a news stories. By: Zachary

7th Grade Review

 This week in 7th grade language arts class, we didn’t have a full week of school because of Rosh Hashanah. We are still working on all different types of adjectives. We are getting ready for a big project coming up. Every year, 7th graders have to do the science fair. In our language arts class, we do the research paper. We’ve all picked out a topic, made a hypothesis, and now it’s time to start the research paper. I think everyone is looking forward to starting a new activity and learn about their project! By: Emily

This week we learned about the 3 degrees of comparison for adjectives.

  • Positive: for one thing (new, happy, old, fun)
  • Comparative: for two things …add -er or add more in front of the word (newer, happier, older, more fun)
  • Superlative: for three or more things…add -est or put most in front of the word (newest, happiest, oldest, most fun)

Examples of irregular comparisons:

  • good, better, best
  • much, more, most
  • bad, worse, worst

By: Elad

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