Sixth Grade

During the third week of school we didn’t have much time to read our novel, but we read enough to fill our minds. We had learned about half of the class’s students in Flying Solo and we’re at the part where they figure out what happens with the teacher! At first I wanted to read another book because this hadn’t sounded good, but I changed my mind. It’s amazing! By: Isa

This week we have worked on nouns. A noun is a person, place or thing. A concrete noun is a noun that you can touch and see. For example, a house and a computer are both examples of concrete nouns. An abstract noun is a noun that you can’t touch or see, such as loyalty or happiness. We also are starting another project. We read a biography over the summer. Based on the biography we read, we will do a presentation for our class to teach them about our “person”.  By: Allie


Sixth Graders hard at work with reading and writing.



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