7th Grade Recap

This week in Mrs. Teitelbaum’s class we continued reading, Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading. Charlie Joe thinks that reading is terrible; he will do anything to not read. He believes that when you get into reading it ruins your friendship with people. When Charlie Joe Jackson has less than a week to read a book and do a report he is in major trouble. That was were we ended, but next week their will be an update. By: Eliana

This week in writing we learned about the 3 main types of adjectives. We learned about pronoun adjectives, noun adjectives, and participial adjectives. Pronouns adjectives are when a pronoun comes before a noun. (Example: The kid asked if he can get another stuffed animal.) The second one, Noun adjectives are when a noun comes with a noun. (Example: Dan is going on a Colorado trip.) The last adjective we learned is participial adjective. They are when a verb comes before a noun. (Example: The crying baby wanted to eat but because no one could understand him his parents couldn’t do anything.) By: Elad

This week in our 7th grade language arts’ class, we finally published out narratives! Woohoo! Go on our blogs and check them out! Everyone worked so hard on these narratives and we’re all happy we’ve completed them. Also, we’ve been learning about adjectives this week. In fourth and fifth grade, we learned descriptive adjectives like pretty, blue, nice, and etc. Now, we are learning more complex adjectives. We’ve learned Noun Adjuncts, Pronominal Adjectives, and Participial Adjectives so far. Some examples are: Howling dog. In this case, howling is an adjective. July weather. In this case, July isn’t a noun, it’s an adjective. This week has been fun and we are all looking forward for more! By: Emily

This week we continued  our read aloud with Mrs. Teitelbaum.  In the story Ungifted, Donovan’s parents are now getting a letter in the mail from the principal saying that Donovan was selected to the Academy for Scholastic Distinction (ASD).  He is now supposed to go to the gifted school!  Donovan is not gifted in any way possible.  He realizes how this could have happened and remembers how the school administrator wrote his name down.  He must of accidentally wrote it on the paper for ones that are gifted by mistake.  Donovan’s parents were so proud of him and he didn’t want to get caught, so he went and got his stuff ready.  No one ever is late to class at ASD, but Donovan of course was.  None of the students know what to do and so they ignore him.  When Donovan accidentally brakes the class’s robot, some start to dislike him.  When he gives the robot a name, people begin to strongly dislike him, except for Chloe this one girl who believes he is normal.  Unlike the others, he looks normal to Chloe and she wants to know about his life and old school. This is as far as we have gotten in the book, Ungifted.  Stay tuned and have a great Rosh Hashanah! By: Ariella

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