Successful First Week

It has been a great first week of school.  The sixth graders are getting the hang of it and the 7th & 8th graders have jumped back into their routine.  This year I am going to do something different on the class blog.  I am going to have the students write the weekly updates.  I will add information as needed, but I want it to be mostly composed of their work.  Since this was a hectic first week, we didn’t have too much to share yet.  Isa from 6th grade wrote about what they did this week.  Itamar and Zachary from 8th grade both wrote about their week.  Seventh grade’s update will follow next week.


6th Grade:

By: Isa Z

During the first week of 6th grade we started a read aloud! Mrs. Teitelbaum, our L.A teacher, gave the class a decision to pick out a book; the chosen book was ​Flying Solo​. Flying Solo is about a 6th grade class (like us) whose teacher calls in for a sick day. When the substitute doesn’t arrive, the class decides not to tell the principal and run the class by themselves. So far, we have only been introduced to one student, and we await the introduction to the others. In our class, each student has picked out their own chapter book to read each night. Next week, we also start to create presentations for our biographies on historic people to present to the whole class.

8th Grade:

By: Zachary S

During our first week back to school in Language Arts we reviewed a few things that we learned last year. This week we learned about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, articles, verbs, and adverbs. We wrote down what each one was and gave a couple examples for each. Mostly, we learned about pronouns. On Thursday we learned what personal pronouns were. Personal pronouns are words that are associated with a particular noun which is usually a person. There are three types of  personal pronouns.

I, me, my and myself are all examples of first person pronoun words.

You, your and yours are examples of second person pronoun words.

He, she, it, him, her, his, her, hers and it are all are examples of third person pronoun words.

By: Itamar L

This week we started reading a book called Life as We Knew It.  This book takes place in modern times.  The main character, Miranda, is dealing with a very conflicted time in her life. Her parents are divorced and her step mom is pregnant. Her real mother doesn’t seem to have much luck with men. Her older brother is at college and her younger one is obsessed with baseball. Her two best friends seems disconnected after their other best friend died. One is obsessed with church, while the other is suddenly obsessed with boys. It seems that one of the only things that brings her joy is the ice skater entering the Olympics who was born in her town. Now, all anyone can talk about is the moon. The biggest comet to hit earth is seen by the whole world including Miranda. The comet is close though, too big and too close. Stay tuned….

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