Get Ready, Get Set, BLASTOFF into a NEW CHALLENGE!

2015-16 Reading Challenge for Rising 4th through 8th Graders

What? Over the course of the school year, you will read books according to the various categories listed below. You may choose between four different challenges: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Why? To foster a love of reading and encourage wide reading in a fun and challenging way.

When? All books must be read between May 20, 2015 and May 13, 2016.

How? ● Books can be read in any order. ● All books must be chapter books, except where indicated. ● Each book only counts for one category. ● During the school year, your teacher will determine assessment options for each book read. Options might include taking an AR test, writing a blog reflection, creating a game, or a variety of other ideas. In class, you will create a poster with images of book covers to keep track of the books you’ve read. The poster will be on display in the school. In addition, you will keep a hard copy listing the titles of the books you’ve read in your language arts binder.


● A classic novel

● A book that became a movie

● A book with a number in the title

● A funny book

● A book with a name in the title

● A book set in a different country

● A book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet

● A book a friend recommended. Tell us who__________________________

● An award-winning book

● A book your mom or dad loves

● An autobiography, biography, or memoir

● A book you can finish in a day

● A book that was first published the year you were born. What year was it?______________

● A book from your childhood (picture books allowed)

● A book set in a school

● A book with a color in the title

● A book by an author you’ve never read before

● A book that takes place in Florida

● A book written in Hebrew (picture books allowed)

● A book written by an author with your same first and last name initials

● A book set during a Jewish holiday

● A banned book

● A book recommended by a teacher. Tell us who______________________

● A book written by a Jewish author

● A book chosen based solely on its cover (picture books allowed)

● A book written by someone under 30

● A book with nonhuman characters

● A mystery or thriller

● A book with a one-word title

● A nonfiction book

● A popular author’s first book

● A book set in the future

● A book set in the past

● An audiobook

● A book of poetry

● A book published in 2015-2016

● A book of short stories

● A book based on a true story

● A book more than 100 years old

● A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

● A trilogy ● A book with magic (fantasy)

● A book you own but have never read

● A play

● A book you started but never finished

Summer Reading Requirements

During the summer, choose one​ of the following project options for each of your required readings:

● take a quiz on if the book is available (take a screenshot of your quiz results)

● OR create a book cover with a summary of the book and the author

● OR write a blog post that would rate and review the book for further readers

● OR create a book trailer and post it on your blog

● OR create a 10-question multiple choice (four choices per question) quiz and post on your blog.

Entering 6TH GRADE​: Read a minimum of 3 books for your list. One book must be a BIOGRAPHY.

Entering 7th GRADE​: Read a minimum of 3 books for your list. One must be one of the following Jewish Historical Fiction choices:

● The War Within by Carol Matas

● Once by Morris Gleitzman

● Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen

● Cross by Day, Mezuzzah by Night by Deborah Spector Siegel

Entering 8th GRADE: ​Read a minimum of 3 books for your list. One must be one of the following CLASSIC choices.

● The Chosen by Chaim Potok

● A Separate Peace by John Knowles

● A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Click here to print the form.

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