What do Rhymes, Adjectives, Plots, and Syllables Have in Common?



Zoe taught a lesson to the second graders on poetry and rhyming stanzas.



The middle schoolers continued to shine in the lower schools.  Several students chose to teach their original Caldecott lessons to the elementary classes this week.  Beforehand, the students were feeling quite apprehensive, but following the lessons they returned to class feeling successful and confident.  It was a learning experience from beginning to end.  Not only did they have to  master  the skill they taught, but they had to create unique lesson plans for a targeted age group.  They had to make sure they introduced the necessary vocabulary words ahead of time, while integrating  multiple skills from the story into their lesson.  On a couple of occasions, the middle schoolers determined that their lesson was too long or too short. They quickly learned that a kindergartener could only stay focused for about fifteen minutes, while the other students working with second and third graders learned that they were extremely sophisticated and able to take on more challenging objectives.

Julia taught the first graders about adjectives. julia1juliaactivity












This is definitely a project that we will repeat again in the future.  I’m sure we will make some tweaks here and there, but it proved itself to be a worthy assignment.  I have a few more students teaching various classes next week.

Emily taught a lesson on adjectives to the kindergarteners.









Ayden taught plot diagrams to the third grade class.ayden-1







Arin taught a lesson on syllables to the kindergarten class.



Final book commercials have been assigned.  Be sure to prepare in advance.

A-Z charts are due by May 20.

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