Final Book Commercial

Every Friday, one to two students present a book commercial to the class.  The purpose of this assignment is to show their comprehension skills, work on their public speaking skills, and entice other readers to read new genres.  Students have completed between four and six commercials throughout the year depending on which class they are in.  For the last nine weeks, each student will complete his/her final commercial for the class.  In addition to the normal requirements, the students will be turning in their scripts ahead of time, completing no less than one practice, and writing a full post-reflection on their blogs.  We will videotape the commercials so they can be posted on their blogs along with each reflection.  Students will explain how they have improved since the start of the school year and how they hope to improve in the future. Stay tuned to see the upcoming videos. The students have all been assigned the date of his/her last commercial.

­­­­­­­­Book Commercial Rubric-

For the script:

  •  End appropriately with a strong statement
  •  Use good posture and gestures to explain evan
  •  Be enthusiastic while speaking
  •  Maintain good eye contact with the audience
  •  Speak fluently
  •  Speak loudly and clearly
  •  Show evidence of being prepared
  •  Show clear knowledge of the book
  • Explain why one should read the book
  • Explain your opinion of the story
  • Explain the basic plot of the story without giving away the ending
  • Include a hook
  • Include title, author, and genre
  •  Complete a visual aid
  •  Visual aid follows the rules discussed in class
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