Fun in February

Sixth Grade

The sixth graders just finished the class novel The Watsons Go to Birmingham.  The vocabulary test will on Thursday, February 19.  The students are currently working on reflections from the book.  They will each write a 5-6 paragraph essay on one of the following themes from the book:

  1. Family     Explain three incidents in the book that emphasized the importance of family.  Be sure to include the characters that were involved in each situation, their roles, and what the outcome had to do with family.
  2. Friendship  Explain three incidents in the book that emphasized the importance of friendship.  Use different characters for each example.  Be sure to explain what each one had to do with friendship.
  3. Growing Up Explain three incidents in the book that showed the process of growing up. Be sure to include how the incident showed the characters’ growth in the novel.

The students will also write a diary entry from Kenny explaining how he felt after the bombing took place at the church.  The students will include the missing details from the story which will tell us more about where he was, where he went, what he did, and how he dealt with the tragic event.


The seventh and eighth grade classes are continuing To Kill a Mockingbird.  We started Part II this week, and we have about three more weeks before we finish the novel.  The students have been completing reflective questions each week which can be seen in their reading journal.  There will be two more sets of vocabulary to accompany this book.  The students are encouraged to review ten words each night in order to truly know and understand them.  We will start completing short vocabulary pop-quizzes next week.

All of the middle school classes have been learning about appositives, direct objects, and predicate nominatives in grammar.  We will be working on apostrophes next week.

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