The Holidays are Here!


We have remained quite busy, while trying to tie up a few loose ends before the holidays begin. All of the middle schoolers have published their personal narratives. Be sure to go and read a few on their individual blogs. There are quite a few fascinating stories.rebecca


This week’s Journal entries will be graded for Language Arts, as well as, for Jewish Studies. The assignments are listed below:

6th – How did you feel about this Mitzvah trip? Why was it important? Was there one delivery that was more meaningful to you than others?

7th – Write the final chapter of Stuck in Neutral.

8th – What do you want your legacy to be when you graduate? Explain what you mean AND how you hope to accomplish it.


All of the classes were introduced to a new site called NoRedInk helps your children practice their grammar/writing skills using funny sentences related to their personal interests like sports, celebrities, and music. Even better, NoRedInk provides adaptive, differentiated instruction. This means that the site can adjust questions in real- time based on each student’s needs. When learners get stuck, NoRedInk shows them tutorials that help them correct mistakes and keep going. The students have all completed one to three assignments, and the feedback has been great. We will also continue to do our mentor sentences, however, we will alternate between the two.channah

The seventh and eighth graders have started the research for their science fair projects. We will have three more lessons in the library on researching skills and completing proper citations. The students will then be responsible for taking notes from their sources and writing their papers.


The sixth graders should all have the book The Giver. We were delayed this past week and unable to start. I plan to introduce the vocabulary and the background information next week, and we will begin reading it after  Rosh Hashanah.

The highlight of the week was definitely the “book commercials.” The students make improvements each week. The students are really putting thought and effort into their scripts, and the added component of creating an advertisement has made it that much more impressive.

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