Update in Language Arts

Students completed peer conferences for their personal narratives.

peerconf4 (9)

peer conf1

peerconf2perconf3peerconf5Sixth graders will be starting The Giver next week.  Be sure to have the book in class each day starting on Tuesday, September 16.

Seventh and eighth graders will be starting their  research for the science fair.  All topics have been chosen, and we will be meeting in the library for researching skills on Tuesday and Thursday.

We have finished our class novel Tuck Everlasting and will be completing So B. It next week.  The students will be assigned a culminating activity which will be due on September 24, 2014.  They will choose one of the following to complete:

  • Create a plot diagram and be sure to include all elements of the plot in complete sentences (Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution)
  • Create a poem or song that tells key points to the story
  • Create a book trailer
  • Write a different ending to the story (create a new Chapter which must be a minimum of one full typed page)

Our first writing assignment was a personal narrative.  Most students have had a peer conference and a teacher conference, so they are now working on publishing their stories.  All stories must be published by September 19, 2014.


pic day


Everyone looked so nice for picture day.


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