Sailing into September

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Even though we had a short week, we still managed to get many things accomplished in class.  We started each class with our mentor sentences and continued to work on subjects, predicates, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and prepositional phrases.  The majority of students are now easily able to identify these parts of speech.  Some new upcoming skills will include commas and quotation marks.

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The students have worked on their personal narratives and will be writing the “Falling Action” and “Resolution” portions next week.  Finally, they will revise, edit, and publish the stories.  After reading several students’ drafts, I am quite impressed with the use of adjectives, adverbs, dialogue, and figurative language.  Stay tuned for the finished products.

A few students shared the first “graded” book commercials today.  We discussed how public speaking takes much effort and practice.  I want the students to truly understand that it might take them until the third nine week period before they are able to score highly on these presentations. The students not only are preparing for the commercial with the proper content, but their speaking skills are the most important part of the presentation. My goal is for them to be fully prepared for all public speaking assignments once they reach high school and beyond.

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Our highlight for the week was our lesson on literary genres.  Each class worked in groups to create genre posters to hang in the classroom.  Now, they have a visual to help determine the genre of their novels.





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