End of August

Our second week of school was just as busy as our first. We continued to work on important grammar skills, some of which caused confusion last week. These skills included subjects/predicates, prepositions, adjectives, and compound sentences.

Book Commercial.cl2doc

Several students also practiced sharing their first “Book Commercials” today in class. I have assigned students dates to present Book Commercials through December. The students should know their assigned dates and have them written in their planners.

Most students have started their second novel since school started. If the students are reading the required fifteen minute minimum each day, they should be able to complete a 250-page novel within two weeks. Some students have not completed the minimum, so I have given those students certain goals to meet before next Friday. Students must continue to add titles to their A to Z charts. Here is my current A to Z chart:



We are still plugging away on our class “read aloud.” We hope to finish our first one by September 12.








We are currently working on our first writing assignment, which is a personal narrative. The students have started with a graphic organizer and writing an introduction. Today, a few volunteers shared their introductions in class. Introductions should include a hook and the setting and characters. Next week, we will draft the “Rising Action” and “Climax” portions of the stories. The following week will conclude the drafting process when they write the “Falling Action” and “Resolution” portions to their stories. The final step will include publishing the stories on the blogs.


During late September, the seventh and eighth graders will begin to do research papers for the Science Fair.  The sixth graders will work on research during the third nine weeks. Other writing assignments throughout the year will include expository essays, persuasive essays, compare/contrast essays and more.   As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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