Helpful Guidelines for Book Commercials

What is a book commercial?
The purpose of a book commercial is to entice others to read the book you are sharing.  Think of it as a movie trailer for the book. You will create a 1-2 minute talk about a book that includes just enough plot, character, setting, and conflict information to interest other students in the classroom. The main purpose of a book commercial is to grab an audience’s attention and make them want to read the book.
How do I complete the book commercial assignment?
1. Read the book (never try to do a book commercial on a book you haven’t read).
2. Complete the Book Commercial  Organizer.
3. Write a final version of your book commercial.
4. Practice your book commercial.
5. Present your book commercial to the class.
What is included in a book commercial?
The HOOK (something that will grab the audience’s attention)
• Ask a question
• Connect a theme to the listeners’ lives
• Read an interesting part of the book
• Use props
• Link the book to other novels or movies
The CONTENT (tell about the characters, setting, and plot)
• Vividly describe the setting
• Retell an exciting part of the book
• Share memorable characters
• Give background information on the plot (not the whole story)
• End your book commercial with something unresolved. Leave the audience wanting more
so that the listeners will want to read the book to find out what happens.
Have you ever had a secret place that you could escape to? Who would you share 
that place with? In Bridge to Terabithia, two fifth grade children, Jess Aarons and Leslie 
Burke become unlikely best friends. Jess, a boy from a large, poor family befriends the 
big-city girl, Leslie, who is an only child. Their home lives are totally different, but they 
become best friends. Together they create their own “magical” kingdom they call 
Terabithia. As the rulers of this make-believe world, they can escape the realities of 
their lives. During spring break, a tragedy strikes that threatens to destroy Terabithia. 
Read this book to find out if the magic of Terabithia will be lost forever.
Ways to “spice up” your book commercial:
• Read an excerpt from the book.
• Act out a part of the book.
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