Book Commercials

When I ask my students how they find out about books they would like to read, they tell me that the main way they discover new books is from other readers’ recommendations. A book commercial – a short testimonial sharing a book – promotes new books to readers and reinforces that reading matters. 

Students will be invited to share brief commercials (1-2 minutes) during language arts class. We will start our commercials the second week of school.  I will model some examples during our first week.  Each student will be expected to share at least one book a month.

Use these questions to help you create your book commercial.

  • What is the name and author of the book?
  • What did you love about the book?
  • What genre is the book?
  • Is it a sequel or does it have a sequel?
  • Tell about the author’s style of writing.
  • Why should someone read this book?

where the red fern grows - Google Search

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